(Jeans - FREE People, Sweater - Zara, Boots - Asos, Bag - Cheetah Covet by Rebecca Minkoff, Necklace - Givenchy)

As of lately I've been pretty preoccupied with Robertson Boulevard, sure the shopping and dining is great but it's also one of the best places to simply go walking. So, today, after some pretty vocal protesting from Emil, I convinced him yet again, specifically third time this week, to go to Robertson. Not that Emil dislikes Robertson, but in our little family walking and shopping go hand in hand. So I can't really blame the poor guy for not wanting to see the same pair of shoes for the hundred's time or discuss the importance of snake print for this winter. But you know, I am not a monster (most of the time), we did go for a lovely lunch to his favorite cafe. Emil has the biggest sweet tooth in the world, so it's pretty easy to make him happy:) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, 
Remember to indulge that sweet tooth once in a while, makes the world a better place:)

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