(Blazer - Kitson LA, Top - Thrifted, Shorts -, Alexander Wang Booties, Bag -

I've been feeling a little blue lately, all this talk about changing of the seasons and leafs turning colors... Makes me a little home sick. Back in Canada, where I grew up, fall is the most wonderful time of the year, leaf colors ranging from magenta to scarlet to orange to brilliant yellow. I think I miss the smell of fall the most... What do you love about fall the most?
So, this Sunday, hoping to chase of the blues, Emil and I went to our favorite beach bar, the Moon Shadows. Situated right on the water front, it has cute little lounging couches, lovely music, great cocktails and appetizers. This place never fails to get my mood up. We took these pics right before, of course I got pretty cold an hour later, and had to borrow Emil sweater. Note to self, short shorts and oversized boyfriend sweaters are not a good mix. Imagine a muumuu and high heels, yes, I was a sight for a sore eyes:)

Keep on smiling,

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