NO... IS A FULL SENTENCE | StyleMint T Shirt Dressing Day 2

 ("No... Is a Full Sentence" T Shirt -, Sweater - Autumn Cashmere, Bag - Phillip Lim, Belt - American Apparel, Jeans - DLI962 Premium Denim, Boots - Steve Madden, Rings - Samantha Wills)

As I mentioned before, this week I am partnering up with for a 5-Day T Shirt Dressing Special. Every month offers its members exclusive access to new T Shirt styles designed by the fashion icons Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen  for only $29.99. Small price to pay for cutest T Shirts ever, if you ask me:)

I was able to pick 5 of my favorite T Shirts from current collection. Today's pick is this fabulous "No... Is A Full Sentence" T, must say Emil and I are definitely having fun with message T Shirts at the moment! The joke of the day was talk to the T:), this one makes saying "no" nice and easy! Maybe I should get one for Emil as well, what do you guys think, although he might not be on board with a slim fit...

P.S. Receive 15% OFF your first single item purchase with PROMO CODE VIVA until December 31st. 

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