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Last week in a moment of sheer restlessness and inspired by eye-brow crazing bangs seen on every runway I decided that my life was incomplete without bangs of my own. Now, I've had bangs once before and it was not the proudest moment in my life. A swift motion of my friend's untrained hand left me looking like a cross between an alter boy and a 17th century monk. All the product and styling in the world couldn't change the fact that they come exactly to the middle of my forehead! 

This time, determined to avoid the same mistake, and armed with a thick stack of fashion magazines, I vigorously related the minimum required length to my stylist. Emil was completely against the entire idea but I am not easy to reason with once I make a decision:) Well, my bangs are definitely not too short this time:)  But long enough to cover my eyes completely, so I got an appointment to get them fixed next week.  Darn it, I just hate it when Emil is right, I can almost see the satisfied grin on his face when he reads this....

And you know what I've learned from this experience? Exactly nothing, because I am already thinking about the next crazy thing I am going to do to my hair! Change color, or maybe lighten my crown or bleach the ends, because life is simply too short without bad hair stories:)


Have a wonderful weekend,

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