(Oscar De La Renta bracelet & earrings, Elie Saab ribbin dress & wool coat, Kotur snakeskin clutch, Paul & Joe Twist Frint Heels, Linda Farrow Jackie O Sunglasses - all from

Completely smitten by the structure, color and intricate detailing on this Elie Saab dress, a few colorful accessories, like this Kotur clutch in turquoise, complete my perfect Valentine's Day outfit.  A romantic at heart, I love to dress up for Valentine's Day. Although this year, making plans for Valentine's Day is a bit more challenging since Emil and I are going to be in New York. In LA we have a special place we go to every year, sort of like our own little tradition. But I suppose traditions can be broken for Fashion Week:) How about you guys, any special plans?

In other news, I just received my invitation to the Bloglovin Awards. I am completely ecstatic, humbled and honored to take part in celebrating the best and the brightest of 2012!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Keep on smiling,