(Gifted dress & sequined clutch bag, Zara heels & jacket, Asos spike stretch bracelet, also loving this one, J Crew friendship bracelets)

When Emil and I left home this morning, the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and everything seemed to point to a warm sunny day. Our plan was to take a casual stroll down Melrose and maybe grab some lunch later. Boy, was the morning weather misleading. By the time we got to Melrose, it was absolutely freezing! In a desperate attempt to keep myself warm I put on the only jacket I had with me, which happen to be this cute bleached denim one I just got from Zara. Later on, looking at the pics, I am rather happy with the way the jacket brings out the pinkiness of the dress. Talk about accidental pairings, huh...


Keep on smiling,

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