June 22, 2012

Open back crop tee in neon orange and bandeau bra in hot pink via Victoria's Secret PINK | Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Colorblock sandal  | Woven east/west bright tote via Rebecca Minkoff  | H&M Skirt | J Crew bright pink bracelets | ASOS  spike stretch bracelet  | Crystalized nail ring via  Minusey | OPI nail polish in Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear | YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Rose Toupe

After yesterday's post I've gotten quite a few emails asking how I keep my make up from melting off my face Summer time. So, I decided to take this opportunity to talk a little about some of my tried and tested beauty tricks and favorite products. 

Normally I start with applying Laura Marcier Secret Finish Mattifying gel on a cleanse face, designed to control shine and keep your skin matte, it also helps to keep your make up in place. I've been using it for a while now and so far have not found anything that works better. Since I am not a big fan of foundation and only use it on very rare occasions, I skip it all together summertime and instead opt for a little concealer in a few strategic areas:) All time favorite is YSL Touche Eclat concealer, which provides a perfect amount of coverage and makes skin look absolutely luminous.

I prefer to use cream blush summertime, I find that it stays on much better than powder. My favorite one at the moment is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips in Pale Pink. Oh, and I know that most make up artists use a brush to apply cream blushers, but I actually like to use my fingers. I think it allows me to achieve a much softer effect and use a lot less product:)

I love matte lipsticks, in my opinion, they stay on much better than regular lipstics or lip glosses. Normally, I start by applying a little lipstick using a lip brush, then lightly dab my lips with my finger for a more even distribution. Current favorite is Lancome Color Design lipstick in Stylista. 

Finally, I keep my eye make up minimal, most of the time I line my eyes using a water proof eyeliner like MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua liner and apply a little YSL Volume Effect mascara for some eyelash drama:) 

So, that pretty much completes my everyday look. If you have any questions about  products I use, shoot me an email, I will be happy to answer!

Keep on smiling,


Irene Buffa said...

being perfect is easy for u :D<3

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Tinacious Me said...

your shoes are so cool!
~ www.Tinacious.Me ~

Pip said...

This is a nice outfit and I love the skirt especially! Nice makeup tips! xx, Pip

Ksenia said...

You look amazing.

Kirstin Marie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the make up tips too! I'm a fan of Urban Decay's DeSlick mist & all nighter spray. It definitely helps!

Ka Mila said...

perfect :-))

Rory said...

I love the skirt! Bright colors look so lovely on your tan skin :)
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David Diaz said...

Those shoes are phenomenal!!! Gotta wear them! :p
You look fabulous!! :D

XO - David

keijtieloves said...

Love it <3

Marloes said...

The shoes are incredible! And these colors look beautiful on you! x

Male said...

I love your skirt!!!

Eat Live Love said...

Such cute,fun colors!

Alicia said...

Amazing! A lot of colors are impressionant!

Stephanie Liu said...

colorful cutie :)

Xx Stephanie

Rachel Lynne said...

Gorgeous! Such fun summery colors!


Carrie said...

Love your skirt!
Gorgeous lady =)

Style in the City

The Fancy Teacup said...

Such a fantastic mixture of pastels and neon hues! So chic. Happy Friday!

Benedicte MAGEN said...

beautiful !! definitely love these shoes !!

The serial shopper said...

the skirt is nice!


Les Deux Rombos said...

The outfit is just amazing. We love the shoes, and the skirt is really pretty too.

Kisses from Spain!

Les Deux Rombos

Fashionista said...

so pretty! Lovely colors

by Veronica Varetta said...

Lovely skirt girl!


Natalie said...

lovely colours in this outfit x

Mari-Liis Suvi said...

You look amazing! It is so interesting to keep an eye on your style!

Miss L said...

Very bright and summery look! Love it!

Sabrina said...

Great look!xx

purecanesugarfashion said...

Love these colors ... and of course Im all about the stripes. Great outfit!
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I Shopped 'Till I Dropped said...

So cute! Perfect summer colors!

Natali said...

Gorgeous colors, lovely outfit for the Summer :)

Hannah said...

Love it! Where is the tiny little gold ring from?!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Hannah said...

Love it! Where is the tiny little gold ring from?!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, this outfit is just...SO sweet! I love the colours, it's the perfect look for summer:) XX

Inez said...

vibrant skirt and shoes. lllooovvvveee the shoes. so fab.

Lace And Tulle said...

what a colorful skirt!!! love it!!

Andrea said...

Such a fun summer outfit!! Thanks for sharing the tips for your make up. I just checked out the Laura Mercier gel... and it's supposed to go over the make-up... I'm not sure if that works, but I guess I'll find out. I'll be definitely trying it. ;)
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Fashion Handbags said...

Awesome look for summer. Love the handbag and shoes.

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

gorgeous summer outfit! love the heels!


Fashion Fractions

Alicja said...

such a cool, fresh and girly outfit, I love it:-)

veronica said...

amazing look!!! wowwwww

arabella kappel said...

wonderful outfit! simply perfect <3


Aurélie and Angelo said...

I love those shoes even more each time I see them! Beautiful look as always!


Love this cheerful color combination! Perfect for summer!

'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

Katie said...

this is such a pretty summer look. i love the colours :)

- katie

Mademoiselle Wanderer said...

gorgeous look: I adore the bag

I was actually wondering before I scrolled down to your text of what kind of lipstick you are wearing in that post...Thank you for your beauty tips: you are blessed with your excellent skin: I cannot believe you hardly wear foundation and look that flawless & radiant. It must help not to layer on so much (looking at your skin). And for Bobbi Brown cheekpots, I think heat works better for blending so the direct approach with fingers makes it melt. If you look at Path McGrath tutorials, she always says she uses both hands & brushes (sorry...long story)

Natasha Fatah said...

You seem to have an endless supply of beautiful, colourful, gorgeous outfits.

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Brittany Kingsleigh said...

The shoes are beautiful


Amazing outfit! I love the color! And the tote is amazing

Lady Writer said...

looove the colors!!

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alexsandra g. said...

You always get it right, love this x


Agam said...

You look ever!! I agree with one of your readers...being perfect is easy for you :)

Asia S. said...

Lovely colors ♥♥

the creation of beauty is art. said...

You look so beautiful! I adore all of the vibrant colours in this look!

FeeL said...

Everything is so perfectly matched on you!

smiriamstyle said...

power of colors! You look extremely amazing!

Diane said...

This is such an inspiring look!!! I absolutely love everything!! :)

FeeL said...

Lovely look! The sandals and the outfit are perfectly matched!

Blush said...

great colors, love the flirty skirt


Michelleesque said...

I love your skirt!


Jacy said...

Gorgeous coral blouse!! Love all of the colors :)


D.R. said...

those shoes are gorgeous

D.R. said...

those shoes are gorgeous

elena said...

wow, beautiful summer look!!!!!

D.R. said...

those shoes are gorgeous

ambika anand said...

beautiful fresh make up, thanks for sharing the tips! i wish laura mercier worked for me :( my skin doesnt like her haha

thos shoes are UH-MAY-ZING!

alguien said...

Me encantan esos colores! Gran look

Svetlana said...

Яркий классный образ!

Maya said...

i love whole look. beautiful colours. you are incredible! ;)


Lubna said...

I can honestly say that you were bright neons & pastels better than any other blogger around :) Love this outfit, the top matches perfectly with the skirt! :)

Lubna | ELLE VOX

Deborah D said...

Super putfit,love this striped skirt on you!!


Mira said...

Looking great again but then you always do. The heels are awesome :D


TripsTreasures said...

Cute skirt !

I also prefer more natural make-up like you, nothing too shiny :)
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

IceCreamBun said...

Love this fun style. I like the skirt the most.

madzia said...

nice summer top :)

12nasds said...

Cuanto colorido para el verano!!


Raspberry Blonde said...

I'm sorry, but I think this is just going a bit overboard on colours and patterns...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from the Slovak Republic. I love your blog, watch it every day. good luck:)

GlamorousGirl said...

colors again! i think you look amazing ehre too!

Miryo said...

Amazing colors! I love your shoes. You are so pretty :) I would like to invite you to my blog, come to visit it when you have time :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fun color combos!


Miu said...

You are looking gorgeous, as ever!

Where did you get the necklace with the A?

VintageDanielle said...

You look summertime beautiful here. I adore the skirt and arm candy. Great makeup tips, I'll have to give your advice a try since my makeup can never stand the sun and heat.

my very own lookbook said...

I really love his outfit, it is so perfect for summer! Great colorblocking i wish i had this outfit in my closet!

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Jessica said...

I love the skirt, the shoes are fab- they remind me of sweets :)

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Becoming Refined said...

Love the bright colors, the arm candy is lovely as well.


Me ha encantado ete look! Los colores son una pasada.
Un beso

Kristin said...

omg i love this outfit of yours! it looks so fun, colorful and fresh! perfect for spring and summer :)

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Anonymous said...

love those toes! wud suck on them all night long!

Anonymous said...

love those nails! gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the sexiest female feet I have ever laid eyes upon!

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Perfect look!

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