August 11, 2012

Leilla pumps via Pink & Pepper | Reed Krakoff Boxer tote via Neiman Marcus | Chiffon sleeve jacket, Neon resin spike necklace & Neon spike necklace via Minusey  | J Crew neon yellow shorts - similar here | Sandro silk top | Eye Me in blue bracelet via Tamara Noor 

Spent the day shopping for Fashion week coming up in September. Granted, trying on tweed and brocade in 100-degee weather is absolutely bizarre, still, I am really excited to see all the wonderful trends coming in for this fall. It's just somewhat difficult to get into the right mindset, when all you can think about is taking a cool dip in the ocean, preferably in all your clothes, or chugging down anything iced.  

Don't think I remember another Summer like this, I mean, normally a big fan of the heat, as of  last week I unapologetically long for cooler temperatures. My breaking point, I left my make up bag in a car during a quick store run, came back to find that all my lipsticks melted! Never seen anything like that! I mean they turned into liquid, creating a mini peachy-pinkish pond at the bottom of my bag. There was no way to save the bag or any of it's contents, so I had to throw the whole thing out! I think it was that particular moment that made me think, oh boy, I am soooo ready for Fall!

P.S. Don't  forget to join me at Neiman Marcus Fall Trends Event on Wednesday, August 15, would love to see all of you there! RSVP details HERE

Keep on smiling,


The serial shopper said...

love the color combination!


Lu y Sily said...

wow, great look! Love..
Madrid part I

Kate Mirmanova said...

I like your neon shorts and necklace! Very beautiful shoes!

Shamenth B said...

love shorts amazing combination

Papaja said...

Amazing necklace! You're so beautiful!

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Petite and Hungry said...

oh no!! my chapsticks did the same thing once! now, i make sure to never forget my purse or anything in the car!

Marie said...

I love this outfit! The shorts are great!

Ice Pandora said...

I say: amazing Neon & shoes!


Laura said...

I love the look, the neon touch is great, especially on the bracelet!!

I use to keep them on the fridge so they won't break, but against the heat you can't do nothing..

- Laura

nitika said...

you look really pretty.. I absolutely adore your neon shorts nd heels <3
PS- New post is up at my blog-

ka milka said...

fine look !!

milana2078 said...

The absolute fact about the sun!

josephina said...

Love the color of your shorts! Although you have a lot of accessories on, it doesn't look overdone. Great style!

Eva Wu said...

i find your blog great! i'm following you via bloglovin!

Andrea said...

i love your bracelet and the look fab!

Rory said...

Those necklaces are amazing and go so well with the shorts! I love the blazer you threw on top to polish it off. And WOWZA Pink and Pepper has some AWESOME stuff! I love everything I've seen you style! :)
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Dominique L. said...

You always look absolutely amazing!

D.R. said...

the necklace is breathtaking

Sabrina said...

Adore the matching color combination--the neon yellow makes the best and unexpected pop against your relatively demure black and white outfit!


Lace And Tulle said...

love the neon!!!

Stamina said...

Gorgeous!! Love this outfit on you!! My fav so far!

xoxo Stamina

Stacy said...

Every your outfit inspires me!

the creation of beauty is art. said...

I absolutely love the neon!

Raspberry Blonde said...

this sheer-sleeved jacket is awesome!

Rosa-Karolina said...

I love those jewerlys and your jacket!

I Shopped 'Till I Dropped said...

Love the black, white and yellow mix!
Great necklaces!

Daniela Rodrigues said...

Love all your look!!! Great mix withe the necklaces :)

Keep it up!

Christelle G said...

Very nice outfit, love neon and you wear it pretty well !

Trendy Handbags said...

Just beautiful. Love the bright colors and the handbag is cute.

Kaśq. said...

Perfect ! <3

Marijana said...

Amazing heels.. :)You look gorgeous

Carmen said...

Cool outfit, I love your bracelet :)

Mint Gal said...

Beautiful look!


Constanze said...

Beautiful outfit, you look pretty beautiful! :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning jewelry!


Art in Vogue said...

amazing outfit.. perfect combination..

check out my latest outfit:

The Fancy Teacup said...

This look is sure to brighten up any girl's day! Looking chic, as always.

Michelleesque said...

I love the pop of neon!


Zweiteiler said...

a beautiful outfit! I have similar pants, I really like how you combined them. I really love your necklaces.


Angie Ang said...

Ahhh so cute! Love the neon!
(\ /)
( . .)

Andrea said...

You always look so flawless I'm so jealous! Love the outfit, the mix of colours and shapes.
Andrea in Fashion

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I always like you in brights. Lovely shorts and outfit.
Mom Fitness Journal | Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

The Princess Little Box said...

Great neon combination dear


Cyrus W said...

Please Please tell me where did you got your "A" necklace? It looks so goooood. Thanks

Laura said...

Really love this outfit! And your necklaces are perfects


magnesstyle said...

LOVE !!! Amazing outfit ! ♥

Lam - Style said...

Those Minusey Necklaces are amazing!

Sarah Lewis said...

I love your shorts so much !

emynia said...

Love it;) AMAZING;)

Rach.P said...

Such an amazing outfit. I love the accesorising, you styled it perfectly! You have a fabulous blog, can't wait to see more!
R xo

Call me M said...

Absolutely in love with your bright shorts!
So sorry to hear about your make-up bag, and its content. This summer's heat is crazy!

Dolly said...

i'm sure you're gonna look amazing on fashion week! and the thing with the lipsticks, that sucks really. i feel you, here has been unbearably hot, there wasn't rain in 2-3 weeks, and in some part of my country even a year!
as for the outfit, i love the neon yellow shorts and the shoes!
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Patricia said...

Amazing post!Kisses

stilettolover91 said...

I LOVE those shorts!!!!

FromParisWithLove said...

Hello Annabelle, I discovered your blog like 2min ago thanks to and I already love it.
I love the color palette of this outfit. Mon coup de coeur is definitely your blazer, I love the detailing on the sleeves.

Kiss Andie ;)

eLi said...

Annabelle!! You look awesome!! Gorgeous as always :)
Love your blazer and neon shorts!



Breakfast at Cindi's said...

Love this outfit, its so fresh, modern and crisp. I especially love the pops of neon. And those necklaces are very cute.


Van - said...

Very beautiful styling... - your hotpants are gorgeous..:!

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Berty Morales said...

You look amzing like always and I love your shoes! Also in love with your shoes and necklace :) xoxox

Biljana Tipsarevic said...

Elegant and sophisticated just like always! BRAVO!

Just Another Shopaholic said...

I love your bracelet!!

thecitycloset said...

love how you tied in the colors!

India said...

so beautiful! Love it!

Kris said...

neon and silver is just amazing combination!


Chloe said...

Love the necklaces! The perfect way to spice up a very classic outfit.


Nicola Marie said...

beautiful outfit! xx

please take a look at my blog and follow . . .

Ann said...

Love your look here.
So very well put together
comfy and so chic.

Z said...

Lovely outfit, I like the cleancut coordination. And the shoes!


Z said...

Lovely outfit, I like the cleancut coordination. And the shoes!


Nikki said...

LOVE this outfit so much!! You look incredible:) xx

My Fashion break said...

I love your style, you look so polish,chic and casual. Beautiful.
Ah! In the South of Spain where I live is so hot as well that girls put the lipstick in the fridge.

Amy said...

Love the outfit! Stunning!


Leopard and Lillies

one girl, one blog said...

Perfect look!

Mira said...

All of your outfits are bright and lovely. The necklace is just stunnning :D



Deborah D said...

You look great,love the silver bag!


Dominika said...

Great look :)

Mlle W said...

Perfect edgy fashionality: I can't get over this outfit

Andrea said...

You look amazing despite this crazy heatwave!! It's annoying though that you had to throw out the whole bag incl. content. This happened to me once as well and I tried to save the bag but it was completely futil.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Liana Wibowo said...

I reallly like how the colors blend in together! they are so nicely matched!!! love your sunglasses and bag too


Liana Wibowo said...

I reallly like how the colors blend in together! they are so nicely matched!!! love your sunglasses and bag too


Nes said...

wow your outfit looks perfect:) neon shorts and neon necklace! great combo:)

Ava said...

Great style! Excited to follow!

Lubna said...

Very lovely simple contrast of black and white with a pop of neon. The necklace and shoes look stunning!

That story about your makeup melting - wow! We have similar heat and perhaps even worse in Egypt. I honestly can't wait until winter!


Ashley Udoh said...

Love the accessories!

Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful outfit!!!!

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twilight jewellery said...

Sometimes finding a perfect outfit is really hard, but there are people that take it so easy with out any effort. These outfit is perfect summer dress. It looks cool and stylish.

Sadie said...

You look gorgeous, I love this outfit so much I don't even know where to begin! The blazer is perfect, I love the sheer sleeves and it looks great with the yellow shorts! The necklace is stunning! I also love the blue accessories and nail polish :) xx

Clarissa said...

Love the two tone heels!


Jessica said...

Super cute bracelet :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Tati Castillo said...

Tati Castillo

inês said...

You look so amazing, love your necklace and shorts ♡

Sarah Mira said...

You look so beautiful in all your pictures! I really like the pop of neon in this outfit, I regret not getting those necklaces on sale on Minusey the last time I placed an order now :(

-Sarah Mira

Cassidy Short said...

Absolutely love the bright neons!! Cute hair, too :)


Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

Wow, what a stunning and fun outfit!! This is probably one of my favourite ones you've posted!! :)

effortlesscool said...

LOVE your accessories <3

XO Sahra

umi said...

great the look.

stylishminded said...

You are look so pretty and stylish. I absolutely love your blog. X

TripsTreasures said...

Yellow looks great on you !
I'm thinking of ordering on Minusey aswell, but i'm a bit worried the import taxes might be very high ?

Too bad all your lipsticks melted :(
new outfit post

TripsTreasures said...

Yellow looks great on you !
I'm thinking of ordering on Minusey aswell, but i'm a bit worried the import taxes might be very high ?

Too bad all your lipsticks melted :(
new outfit post

Káča Kábele Hadravová said...

Hi, love your neon shorts and necklace - I am addicted on neon colours. I like your blog - check mine and we can follow each other if you like? I would be more than happy :-)

Jessica Choy said...

I love how you used yellow on your shorts and necklaces and teal with your nails, bracelet and earrings to liven up the outfit ♥

madzia said...

everything is great :)

Lisbon Lifestyle said...

absolutely love the black and white shoes!!!!!!
nice neon styling!!!


You look beautiful!

Shaz said...

so in love with this outfit!!

Awesome blog :)

carolina said...

you look so pretty!


p.s: join my international giveaway

claire said...

this outfit is perfection at it's classy best. you rock !

Michelle Clark said...

Nothing I can say except that I am obsessed!!!

I have a jacket with a similar cut, my favorite blazer I own.

:) Michelle

Raindrops of Sapphire said...

Oh my goodness! Anabelle this is amazing! The colour combinations with the neon, wow! So pretty!

Lauren said...

I love the outfit


Cherry said...

I want to ask you if I can borrow some of these pictures for my Swedish blog as inspiration? I will link to your blog! :)

The little world of fashion said...


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