Leilla pumps via Pink & Pepper | Reed Krakoff Boxer tote via Neiman Marcus | Chiffon sleeve jacket, Neon resin spike necklace & Neon spike necklace via Minusey  | J Crew neon yellow shorts - similar here | Sandro silk top | Eye Me in blue bracelet via Tamara Noor 

Spent the day shopping for Fashion week coming up in September. Granted, trying on tweed and brocade in 100-degee weather is absolutely bizarre, still, I am really excited to see all the wonderful trends coming in for this fall. It's just somewhat difficult to get into the right mindset, when all you can think about is taking a cool dip in the ocean, preferably in all your clothes, or chugging down anything iced.  

Don't think I remember another Summer like this, I mean, normally a big fan of the heat, as of  last week I unapologetically long for cooler temperatures. My breaking point, I left my make up bag in a car during a quick store run, came back to find that all my lipsticks melted! Never seen anything like that! I mean they turned into liquid, creating a mini peachy-pinkish pond at the bottom of my bag. There was no way to save the bag or any of it's contents, so I had to throw the whole thing out! I think it was that particular moment that made me think, oh boy, I am soooo ready for Fall!

P.S. Don't  forget to join me at Neiman Marcus Fall Trends Event on Wednesday, August 15, would love to see all of you there! RSVP details HERE


Keep on smiling,

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