June 13, 2014

Back in Malibu wearing my favorite color:) Emil and I had dinner plans in the area, so we just couldn't resist taking a stroll down Malibu Pier. Don't really know what it is, but it's always been one of those places for us. We've been together for a little more than 8 years now, and for as long as I remember we've been coming to Malibu Pier. At this point it's like our little ritual, we get our tea and snacks at Malibu Country Mart and head down for a walk at the Pier, then we sit, drink our teas and just stare at the beautiful turquoise water... 

BTW, please forgive my crazy-looking hair! I didn't count on the wind being as strong as it was. Normally, it's a bit windy at the Pier, but yesterday, well, let's just say I ended up with a "slightly" altered hairstyle. Instead of the loose waves I had in the morning, my hair ended up looking like a cross between Medusa and a bird's nest:) Oh, well! At this point I have long abandoned all hope of controlling my super-fine hair... So, I am embracing the chaos and madness and crazy-looking hair:) 

L.A.M.B. multi-colored plaid tee | Keepsake The Label skirt { dress version here &  similar here } | Chanel Boy flap bag ASOS Holborn heeled sandals | Vita Fede Capri 5 wrap bracelet | Coordinates Legend braceletWanderlust & Co multi-stud gold bangle | Essie nail polish in Hip Anema 

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Natali said...

Blues suit you so well!! Great skirt and shoes! You look beautiful :)

My Pink Boudoir said...

Great combination! Love the blue!

Denisa said...

Beautiful blue colors.

Daniella C said...


PanamaAsti said...

Great outfit)))

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SweetMona said...

lovely skirt!

Noush said...

I love this color !

shannette messam said...


Rachel Lynne said...

Perfect top and skirt!

Emma Walker said...

Love this! such a cute traditon
Emma | With A City Dream

PinUp Jet said...

Blue suits you well ! Beautiful !

Su nd Chris said...

The colour is perfect for you! Love the combo! :)

xx Su

Iuliana FS said...

wow, love that color! You look perfect in blue!

Emma H said...

Gorgeous wrap skirt!

Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Gorgeous, you look perfect in blue and that's my favorite color ever.

Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Love all the blues!
That skirt is incredible!
-Adrienne. xo

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Citizen of the World

The Astro said...

the wrap skirt is amazing ! and you look so elegant !! I love the whole outfit ♥♥

Łucja said...

I love the blue skirt so much! It suits you really well :)

Live-Style20 said...

great ~!!= ]


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Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Really cool, the skirt is fab!

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Corazón said...

You look stunning Annabel! That royal blue looks fabulous with your skin tone.
Besos, Corazón

Corazón said...

You look stunning Annabel! That royal blue looks fabulous with your skin tone.
Besos, Corazón

Daphnia Neofytou said...

Interesting post and nice photos
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Kisses from Greece

MscInternational said...

That blue looks great on your skin. I love the look.

Elisa Taviti said...


Mei Fleming said...

Malibu is so pretty. Love this color and the draping on this skirt.


Sabina B. said...

Love the skirt, great color!

Sabina B. said...

Love the skirt, great color!

Jenny Tsang said...

Lovin that fun tee with the skirt, color pops a lot ;)

xo Jenny

SweetCandyDreamer said...

Gorgeous!!! xx

Anonymous said...

That Chanel Boy bag is on my list of dream bags! Gorgeous outfit, girl. Love your blog! xx

I'm a recently graduated doctor, and I also have a fashion blog.

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Melissa Tierney said...

Loving all the blue and jewels! So pretty girl :)
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Camille said...

Gorgeous outfit

Elizabeth Hawn said...

love these blue hues!

Elena Tovar Pascual said...

Woww! You look amazing. I love the fact that u have a super long relationship, this summer i'll be dating my bf for 10 years! And we keep being sooo in love! Xoxo

Marta said...

Wonderful combination, you look fantastic!

Yoko Nguyen said...

Love your skirt ♥

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Kirsten Schwalke said...

So beautiful!!! This blue is THE perfect color for you!!
xoxo Kirsten

Viktoria said...


Liz Lauren said...

that blue is stunning on you

Justyna P said...


Masja said...

Ohh you look amazing! Love your purse and skirt <3

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Sasa Zoe said...

Babe, the skirt is beautiful! Love it!:)

Daisy said...

Blue looks amazing against your skin tone!

Kelly said...

This window-pane print top is amazing!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Rachel Dahl said...

Best shade of blue for sure! Love the colors. I also didn't notice your top was a printed t-shirt! Looked so classy!


whenimolder said...

gorgeous outfit! I especially love your shoes!

-xx Tay

Madame Pattinka said...

perfect photos!

Madame Pattinka said...

perfect photos!

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Nikahri said...

You look beautiful, love the colour palette of your outfit!

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Mamma al top said...

you look o beautiful, kive your skirt..kiss

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Ivana said...

Gorgeous colors!


Maria Inês Ribeiro said...

love the bag!!

Fashion Rookie said...

Wow !
I totally love this outfit and the color of the skirt in general.
Cobalt blue looks really great on you .
The pictures are amazing :)

xx Julia

Geraldine said...

Such a cool skirt!!!



Janielle Dunkley said...

Love this outfit xx

Dianne Tho said...

omg, this look is absolutely perfect :D

Julie said...

I love the unique shape of that skirt!

Style by Joules

Monika Basiaga said...

Love your skirt, bag, heels and sunnies :))

Allison Weeks said...

Beautiful outfit! I absolutely love Malibu. If you haven't been to Malibu Wines yet, I highly recommend it <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Brittney Wells said...

I have be completely obsessed with bright blue tones this summer! love this post. <3

Anonymous said...

Are you not married to Emir?

Lara Tura said...

Gorgeous! This colour really suits you!


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nadathelily said...

blue is also one of my fav colors to wear! i'm always so drawn to it! and stripes lol

Anonymous said...

Like the sound of that, but oh so far away from those shores for the foreseeable :)

Situs Gadget Indonesia said...

wow, love that color! You look perfect in blue!

Beauty by Soraya said...

Little classy chanel can be combined to every look, love it!
xx soraya

Anonymous said...

The blue pattern looks great on you. I love cobalt blue too

plastikiniai langai said...

Annabelle your looks very cool :)

Anonymous said...

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