July 5, 2014

Good morning and happy weekend, Everyone! Don't really know what it is lately, but I just can't seem to stop wearing and buying:) black and white footwear. Perhaps it's the fact that they seem to go with just about everything or maybe it's because I can't say no to a bolt shoe:)! Or maybe it's both, but it's definitely becoming quite an obsession lately! So, I thought I'd use this opportunity to share a few of my favorite ones at the moment. 

Sophia Webster Mila sandals in black | Sophia Webster Riko Tribal lace-up suede sandals { also love this option & this one } | Schutz Gilberta pumps | ASOS Holborn heeled sandals Rafe mother-of-pearl box clutch 

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,


Sabina B. said...

Great details!

Monica L. said...

Gorgeous inspiration! All the shoes look amazing!:)


Q said...

love pic 3.x

Emma H said...

Love black and white! Especially with a pop of color

Dominique Candido said...

Looks amazing!


TERESA A said...

The first 2 shoes are gorg.


Anna ANTJE said...

Gorgeous bag and shoes <3

AP said...

OMG! You are a fashion blogger alter ego of Carry Bradshow!

Mei Fleming said...

Love the contrasting black and white! The Charlotte Olympia shoes are my favorite.

Liz Lauren said...

the last pair is my favorite

ShoesManiac said...

B&W = great :)

Camille said...

Those shoes are so gorgeous

Tonia Rose said...

Lovely shoes! Black and white goes with everything and is a popular colour scheme for accessories :) I'm recently in love with a white aztec backpack, with black trims. It's so versatile and a super cute piece :)

Isida Horncastle said...

Love a good monochromatic pair of shoes!

Marta said...

Love all teh gorgeous shoes!

Laura lexo said...

I love your shoes


Daniella C said...


Elizabeth Hawn said...

love these black and white heels!

Malu Swartjes said...

Your style is amazing! You are such an inspiration :)
The Stylish Confessions

Kristi said...

Love these black and white heels! So fab!

xx, Kristi

RaeSaysHey said...

Agreed, black and white is so versatile! The combo is a definite staple in my closet (:


CIRANUS said...

Yo tambien estoy algo obsesionado con tus zapatos... Pero necesito verlos puestos en tus lindos pies...
Los tobillos son el todo de unos bonitos zapatos... y los tuyos me parecen perfectos... :-)

Jessica said...

I absolutely love the ones from Asos, I need them in my life.

Run With Fashion said...

Love the 1st and last SHOE!!! So beautiful and simple ♥

Trendee Parsimony said...

You are single handedly the reason why I bought the ASOS Holborn heels. Gorgeous and affordable.

Trendee Parsimony

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes!

Enikő Schmidt said...

All of them are so beautiful!

anoddgirl said...

omg love these shoes!!!

Kristi Janku said...

Hey dear, it's been a while since my last visit here and I can out loud say I missed you posts.
Awesome post and I love those awesome heels

I've opened a new website, come and check it whenever you have time

Wish you a lovely day
xoxo Kiki

Monika Basiaga said...

Love them all! <3

Blue Gaps said...

Cool! Love that heels! Hey, mind to visit my new blog? :)
Thankyou, I appreciate it :)

welovefur said...

I love all them but i prefer the latest sandals

Jeannette said...

I love the Bag so much

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Allison Weeks said...

The second ones are amazing! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Denisa said...

So many amazing shoes.

Sasa Zoe said...

Stunning photos:)

Deporian Ott said...

These are so great! The photography is wonderful!

Kelly said...

The Sophia Webster's are my favorite but I like them all!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

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jessbuurman said...

great footwear collection

Anonymous said...

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