August 29, 2014

Good morning, Everyone! I would like to start by saying thank you for all your wonderful Birthday wishes! Words can't describe how much they mean to me! This is actually a third birthday we celebrate together, so thank you so much again for being so sweet, kind and supportive!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember that every year my family comes to visit me from Canada, so that we can spend my B-Day together. What we do on my B-Day always changes, the only constant is that we always spend this day together. Well, this year my family decided to start celebrating early, so we went out to late dinner yesterday, and at exactly 12, everyone started singing Happy Birthday and giving my my presents. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't mind starting celebrations early:) And I definitely don't mind receiving my presents early as well:) 

Now talking about gifts, patience is definitely not a virtue of mine. Ever since I was little, I was always able to find my presents early, no matter how much my parents tried to hide them from me. Well, to be quite honest with you, not a lot has changed since. I caught Emil trying to sneak a little bag in the house yesterday and as much as he tried hide it, when it comes to presents, I have a sixth sense:) So, I got to open my present right there and then! I think I have mentioned a few times just how obsessed I am with Pandora jewelry, so Emil got me the beautiful Star Sign Essence Collection bracelet and charms, I'm wearing in this post. The first of three charms has a beautiful Virgo sign, the blue one, which just happens to be my favorite color, stands for loyalty and the third one in sterling silver, represents honesty. Aside of course from the fact that the bracelet and charms are absolutely beautiful, the reason why I love Pandora jewelry so much is because every piece has a deep meaning, which in my opinion makes it so much more special. N'set-ce pas? 

Now, here comes the best part! One lucky reader has a chance to win a PANDORA bracelet as well as 3 charms based on the month of your birthday!


1.  CLICK HERE to Follow Pandora on Instagram
2. Please, leave a comment below so that I may contact you if you win. 

The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and will last for 1 week until Friday, September 5th, 2014. I wish everyone the best of luck! 

PANDORA Star Sign Essence Collection bracelet & charms, shimmering lace ring, sparkling bow ring, inspiration within ring & light as a feather ring | For Love and Lemons Grace scalloped floral lace crop top { in black here, in white here } | Needle & Thread Tulle midi skirt { similar here, dress version here } | Dolce & Gabbana nude pumpsTasha Crystal Swirl clutch | Essie nail polish in She Said Yes, and top coat in Ignite The Night 

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,


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Jelena Radovic said...

Instagram: jelena_radovic

Alina P. said...

Instagram: alinalexa23

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look abolutely gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

You look stunning! Love the hydrangeas, they're my favourites...
Instagram: wsersch

Talking with Tami said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

Наталья Левшина said...

Happy birthday!! u look stunning!!!
instagram: natalialevsina

Serena said...


Marijuca said...

love it!Happy birthday!:)

pallawi jain said...

Happy birthday! You look beautiful as always. Your style is impeccable. Instagram: pallawijain,

Sasa Zoe said...

Happy Happy birthday! Love this outfit! Perfect for birthday<3

Rosie said...

Happy birthday!
wishing you all the best and another year of successful blogging :)
you look abolutely gorgeous as always! :)

Teodora Mladenovic said...

Happy birthday!Beautiful dress.
Instagram: eyelinerqueen

Nora Nazeer said...

Instagram: @noranazeer


Happy Birthday! You look absolutely stunning! As Always!

Filipa Freitas said...

instagram: @cfilipafreitas

love your style! you are a really inspiration :)

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

amazing! you look like a Princess!!

Denina Martin said...

That dress! Honey, you're the most beautiful birthday girl I've seen! Love this look <3

Denina xx

Anonymous said...

Your birthday look is pretty much perfect! Love how you've added a bit of colour with the bouquet of hydrangeas.

I'm a young doctor who also writes a fashion blog:


Happy Birthday! You look amazing.

Shannon Boyce said...

You look absolutely stunning! Happy birthday :)

OXANA MUA said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
You look flawless! Love your makeup. It's so fresh and natural!
Wish you all the best! xxx

OXANAMUA Beauty Blog by Oksana Janson New Haircut! (and a story behind it)

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Elizabeth L. said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to win. Instagram: etrabelsie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday 🎈

Instagram: Bysraa_

Natali said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTY!! Wishing you all the best and beyond!

My Pink Boudoir said...

Happy birthday! You look very nice in this outfit! The bracelet is very pretty, simple and chic. I am curious what color my charm would be :) xx, Marky
Instagram: mypink.boudoir

Kirsten Schwalke said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You look so stunningly beautiful...amazing!!!
I sometimes look at your early pics here and it is such a difference!!! You have developed your personal style so much and are just doing a great job!!!

Fernanda said...

Happy birthday!! Gorgeous outfit! :)

Marya said...

Happppy birthdayy gorgeous! You look as stunning as usual!

Insta: miiu93

RaeSaysHey said...

Along with everything else you are wearing in this post, I really love your nails! Hope you have a fantastic birthday (:


Temi Truly said...

Happy Birthday!!! You look incredible!

❤ Temi Truly

Emma Walker said...

I am obsessed with that top!! Happy birthday

Emma| With A City Dream

Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Happy Birthday, You look radiant and soo beautiful. Love the lace detail of your crop top.

shannette messam said...

Happy birthday i wish u many more.
Your outfit is so beautiful.

Mei Fleming said...

Happy birthday!! You look absolutely beautiful. You're luv lucky to have such a loving family!


Laura Valuta said...

Best birthday wishes! You look so stunning ! Cant wait for Pandora to open Here in Latvia too! But till then I will try my luck for winning something ;)
Stylist from Latvia

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday! Great contest! Hope I win.

♥Aisha Ramos Ramírez♥ said...

Happy bday beautiful girl!!! Your blog is amazing *.*. Kisess

Yolonda J. Washington // Style Fragment said...

Happy Birthday. You look gorgeous as usual.

Dfashionista bySheela said...

Happy bday!!! My blog is
My email is

Many blessings in this new year!

Anonymous said...


Domniki Sarri said...

Happy birthday and thanks for the opportunity!
Gfc&fb name:Domniki Sarri
Instagram name:domniki70
Kisses from Greece!

borka gamero said...

you look like a princess!
kisses from Miami,

Julie said...

That lace top is absolutely stunning! You look fabulous.

Style by Joules

Blogger said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful!
Instagram: natayaku

Nathalia said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy your day!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a very lovely birthday with your family

Insta: emmalreid

Julia Hickman said...

I'd love to win!
Insta name: juliamontsy

Sony Mansoori said...

Happy Birthday look FAB as usu

Instagram - nailscontext
Blog -

Hannah Aspropoulos said...

You look so pretty and wonderful, like a princess. Happy Birthday, all the best!!

XOXO Hannah

calloway said...

Happy Birthday!



Anonymous said...

'Happy birthday!' An excuse to eat lots of cake and drink champagne. Such a lovely outfit as always!

Best wishes, Lucy.


sandruelena said...

Happy birthday!
instagram sarrao9

Chef Nikki said...

I love how Pandora jewelry can create your own pieces very unique. Can dress it up or down from wearing jeans and a tee to a little black dress

Viktória Balogh said...

Happy birthday!! :)
I love Pandora too, I own a braclet already, but I agree, it's never enough.

Viktória Balogh
instagram: @adabalogh

Anait said...

Happy Birthday, dear Annabelle! Wish you all the good things and a lot of luck and love!:))
I still remember that day when I started following you, one of my friend said that we have similar look and style, and it's true! I adore them all!
From Russia with love!

Instagram - banani_anna

Anait said...

Happy Birthday, dear Annabelle! Wish you all the good things and a lot of luck and love!:))
I still remember that day when I started following you, one of my friend said that we have similar look and style, and it's true! I adore them all!
From Russia with love!

Instagram - banani_anna

Rebeca Morera said...

Happy birthday!! Beautiful outfit!!

Jenya said...

You outdo yourself in every post - so much beauty, style, elegance! It's no wonder you inspire and make people from all over the world for in love with you.
Happy birthday, darling, stay gorgeuos, shine bright and keep that smile always on! <3

OliviaKyle said...

So pretty! Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

ELIZA BETE said...

You look amazing! Wonderful outfit! <3 And happy birthday to one of the most gorgeous womans ever!

Elle Cherryblossomstreet said...

Happy birthday!
Wow, this is probably my favorite outfit of yours! It's absolutely beautiful! Since I'm a bridal wear designer you can figure out how much I love this outfit :)
For Pandora, I adore their jewelry. I don't own any of their bracelets and charms myself, but I've bought my wonderful mom a lot of the charms she have on her bracelet. I would love to win this bracelet. - Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

Marquise Christina Brown said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely outfit, the lace top is absolutely beautiful.


Ola said...

stunning... as always ♥.♥
happy birthday :]

instagram: bigstepforward

Daniella C said...


Daniella C said...


Daphnia Neofytou said...

Ooooo you are perfect
check my new post on my fashion blog

Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Really amazing!

How to wear BOYFRIEND Jeans on lb-lc fashion blog

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Instagram - @a_angi
E-mail -

Olga Pazilova said...

You look amazing! Love your top, jewelry, clutch.. Very beautiful pictures! And beautiful flowers! Hope you are having great Birthday! All best wishes!

Radost Ruseva said...

Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best!
instagram: r.rusevaa

Blogger said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful!
Instagram: natayaku

Hay said...

Happy birthday !!! :) My very good wishes to you !!
Hayarpi Zohrabyan
Ingstagram: @rizarelrizzo

Melissa Tierney said...

Happy Birthday! Love this look and may all your wishes come true :)
Instagram: @MissyOnMadison


Vanessa Mensah said...

happy birthday my love, you look stunning!

Tijana J. Dominguez said...

Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!


Kerrie Ingram said...

What a beautiful ensemble! I'd be terrified of mixing all those different shades of off white together, but you make it look effortless & gorgeous.

Holly Rose said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good time :)
And the jewelry just looks beautiful!
Holly x

Instagram: hollyxread

Alison Jeanine said...

Happy Birthday! I celebrated my birthday this week too and it's just so nice to feel all the love from your family. Hope you had a great day! :) Xo, Alison

Mag KP said...

Happy Birthday! Best wishes.
You look fantastic on your B Day :)
Hydrangeas look so well with this outfit.

Mariya Grib said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wish you lots of love and happiness!!!


Happy Birthday!! Its lovely to share a birth date with you!

Shea Schaaf said...

This outfit is stunning, I mean I am speechless because it's so beautiful! Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lovely day!

Instagram: @sheavictoria77

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, wish you all the best! :)
This is beautiful outfit.
Instagram: ivanamisetic

PS Lily Boutique said...

You look gorgeous! Love the nail polish :)
Happy Birthday!

Instagram: pslilyboutique

Marta said...

Happy birthday! You look sooooo pretty!

Mara said...

Happy B-day!!!
Instagram marimarusic

Martina Hamaček said...

Happy birthday!!
May you have a beautiful one!
I love this combination.

Marija said...

Whish u the best...

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit! Happy birthday!
Instagram: JessicaFrayer

Sweets & Style said...

Love your birthday look! Happy Birthday, lady!

Federica Amodio said...

Always so beautiful and elegant!

Nina said...

Happy Birthday, you look amazing, love the skirt,

Adeline Longer said...

Dear Annabelle,

You may not know me at all, but I want to say to you that you inspire me with your blog and outfits. I love your work and day by day I think you are sweeter and smarter. I tried hard to be inspired by you and now I have my own blog with cute and amazing posts just like yours.
Today is your birthday and I wanted to thank you since a long time ago for all you indirectly made for me. Thank you for being like how you are: absolutely amazing ♥

instagram: aderomania

michelinedrebert said...

You may not know me at all, but I want to say to you that you motivate me with your weblog site and clothing. I really like your perform and day by day.copy of popular movie jackets

Dilek Asanoska said...

How lovely that you get to spend your birthday with your family like that. I love this outfit, you look like a princess! ^^

Pialunja said...

gorgeous dress! I love it!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Matilde Telmon said...

Instagram: matildetelmon

Diana said...

Gorgeous look!! Happy birthday!!

xoxo, Diana

Mihaela said...

happy birthday Annabelle!! You looked absolutely stunning!!!

I followed them on instagram. Here's my e-mail :


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)
Instagram 6ic

Ksenija said...

You look wonderfull, birthday girl! :) wish you all the best

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Gretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday

karin said...

instagram @karins28

Charlton Lee said...

You look stunning! Happy Birthday gorgeous! xo

Andreea said...

Happy birthday, Annabelle! Best wishes! You look amazing btw.


Nathalia Nielsen said...

Happy birthday!


Shelby Lynn said...

Happy Birthday! Love the Pandora giveaway! Email

Crystal said...

I love Pandora sooo much! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!
followed on instagram (zoeybear20)
and email is
sellcrystal2 at gmail dot com

Camille said...

Beautiful look and happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ! Love your style !
Instagram @Instailena

iamchiara said...

Such a dainty look! I adore it!

instagram: chiaradizon

Lisa Purkey said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! I hope that all of you wishes and dreams come true! You are so inspiring!♥ lisamichele-cdxci @polyvore

Fiorella Reategui said...

Gorgeous dress and pictures!! Happy Birthday, I'm happy you had a great time! :)

happy rainbow said...

simply beautiful
happy birthday xx

Aishly T said...

Happy Birthdayy!
Love love love everything about this look, dying over your accessories and nail!

Khiara Cruz said...

Happy Birthday!!! ♥
You look gorgeous, as always!

instagram: @cruzkhia

Revital said...

so gorgeous! you look a bit like a bride

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!!
Instagram @beckysimpson3

Maggie A said...

You look nothing short of perfect! Happy Birthday. Hope you have wonderful weekend.

Maggie A

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love your dress!

saya said...

Happy birthday :-) :-*!
Love youre dress and this amazing photos.
Instagram: costina_temple

Elė Ivanova said...

Best Wishes!
Instagram: elytut

Elė Ivanova said...

Best Wishes!
Instagram: elytut

Dominique Candido said...

Happy birthdayyy


Elena said...

Happy birthday, beautiful!
You look stunning in your outfit, like a real princess!
IG: babygirlmvro

Fashion Party blog said...

Wow, you look like a beautiful bride! I love this romantic outfit!

Fashion Party blog said...

Wow, you look like a beautiful bride! I love this romantic outfit!

Margarita Gor said...

Happy birthday!
instagram : margaritagor
email :

Elena said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Mlle W said...

Happy birthday: your look totally defines feminine romance.

elarmariodelanena said...

you look like an angel, so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love this look - so chic and romantic! Princess-esque perfect for a birthday outfit. Ruth xxx

Instagram: ruthytooty

Jelka Lepever said...

I love this post! You're so beautiful and I log everything about this outfit. Happy Birthday!!


Lisa Penny said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fab day! You look stunning, Love the pictures!

Such a great Giveaway
Ig : lisa.penny

Email :

Charlotte Roberts said...

I love pandora! My bracelet could do with a few more charms though ;)

Евгения Филиппенко said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday princess!!! 🎉🎉☺️☺️
I would love to win :)
Instagram: marialysf

Veronica Chavez said...

Happy Birthday!
Pandora has the prettiest items!

Here is my info
Instagram: _veroec

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
I don't have any Pandora pieces.
Would love to start now
Instagram - jqrd
Email -

Marine Chs said...

Oh my god you're so gorgeous!
I'm late but happy birthday!

majka said...

Happy birthday! :-)

Denisa said...

Big congrats and i wish you all the best. xaxa

Cristina Gomez said...

Happy Birthday, Annabelle! You look stunning!

Jelena said...

Happy B-Day!!!!
Instagram jelenko07

Sidra Siddiqui said...

Happyy Birthday!! I always love your arm candy!
Instagram: ssidraa

Giulia said...

Happy birthday Annabelle! You look like a modern Disney princess :)
Kisses from Italy!

instagram: giuli1909

Zarina Khalelova said...

Happy birthday Dear Annabelle! Your birthday look is just immaculately beautiful! Keep that way! e-mail:

Janielle Dunkley said...

The Outfit is flawless Annabelle...xx


bloomers said...

Happy Birthday!

Instagram - @bloomingfox
Twitter - @bloomingfox
Email - kirstyjfox AT yahoo DOT com

Maria said...

Instagram: figurativelymaria. Love your blog! Love the dress in the post!

Andres Poiche said...


Anastasia Demina said...


Happy Birthday!)

I'd like to win Pandora bracelet. My instagram is ademina, and my e-mail is

Montserrat Varela said...

Happy birthday!

Polina Karpukhova said...

You look stunning! Love the entire assemble! You look so soft and graceful. I am a fan of Pandora myself, and Emil knows how to treat a last! Happy Birthday!

Instagram: bregerslab

Elizabeth Hawn said...

gorgeous dress!

Claire Bang said...

I love your outfit! Beautiful as always :)
Instagram: clairebang

Blanche said...

Ooh I love pandora!

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Happy Birthday!
Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

Andreea said...

imstagram: @andreeaaion

Alicia said...

happy birthday! You look incredible love that dress!! xx

Martina said...

HAPPY BDAY!! I follow your blog since a lot of time're so elegant :)
my instagram for the contest: martina_lalala

Anonymous said...

Instagram: chiaramarzia
E-mail: ��❤

Sara Hayden said...

Love this collection!!!

maria0890 said...

Happy Birthday, Annabelle! :)

I've recently discovered your blog! So classy!
I really love Pandora as well! I fell in love with the Essence Collection and hope, one day, to wear my own bracelet, reflecting my own values :)

My instagram: elwind_street
My email:

Have a lovely day with your loved ones!

ioanaluiza said...

Happy Birthday! And count me in for the Pandora give away :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
Thanks for the chance.

Hello Jennifer said...

Happy birthday!!
Love your style!!!


Jennifer Lefebvre said...

Jennybeanlefebvre - instagram

Laurel L said...

Instagram: laurel_canuckgirl

Camilleana said...

Happy Birthday! I have three Essence charms and I'm eyeing patience and optimism! instagram: camilleana

Paula Chapman said...

Happy birthday- I treated myself to the essence bracelet and hoping I receive more charms. Paula Chapman

Debbie B said...

Happy Birthday, and thank you for the chance to win something from Pandora!!
I am now following you both My Instagram ID is skeetersden

Little Tiger said...

Happy birthday! Gorgeous outfit!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the chance

Jonalyn Bona said...

Happy birthday... you are so gorgeous Annabelle... certainly a woman with essence... I love Pandora Essence collection too... looking forward for charms of my birth sign (pisces), peace & love... God bless!

IG: ybabjonna

Dawn Cartwright said...

Belated happy birthday,

Instagram. Dawn959

Anonymous said...

You and your Pandora look lovely. Happy birthday! sand61@

Anonymous said...

Instagram: XXSTEPH24

Ivette Marcelle Hernandez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivette Marcelle Hernandez said...

Happy Birthday!
Instagram: marshdez

Anne said...

Instagram: ajbeani

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love my Pandora :-)

Anastasia Aerts said...

My name is Anastasia (
I am an art student from Belgium and I really love your style, in Belgium we always have sad weather, but you make me smile when I see how beautiful everything is back there in California :D

Happy belated Birthday

Annemarie Follon said...

What a lovely, romantic bracelet and dreamy pictures.
Happy birthday!
Instagram: Annemabol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, you look amazing. Thank you for the chance said...

Happy Belated Birthday! When I saw
Pandora's post on my Facebook page, I was struck by the beautiful photos and decided to check out your blog and enter to win the Pandora bracelet and charms for the beautiful young lady who is about to marry my son. She is so special to me because she has been a catalyst for healing my family.

Laura Hanis said...


Catharina said...


instagram : cafelatte88
email :

Angie said...

Happy Birthday- sounds like a wonderful time with family and you look stunning!!!

I adore pandora too:)

Instagram: angie1107
Twitter: @angelicak

Becky S said...

I absolutley love Pandora :) thank you for giving us the chance to win,
Happy Belated Birthday hope you had a good birthday
Loved reading your blog.

Instagram: @beckyy_20
Twitter: @Beckyy_20

Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday, Annabelle ^.^ Thanks for the giveaways, it is really sweet of you. I believe Pandora lover will definitely wish to win!

You look gorgeous and elegant in your photoshoot. I definitely will follow your blog~~

My instagram: phoebe_su
My email:

Good luck to me then^^


Helen Calvert said...

You look so graceful and lovely! Hope you have the best day with your loved ones! Helen �� xx. Instagram: helen_calvert.

Judy Bueckert said...

You are so stunning! In love with the way you coordinated your whole outfit!
Unfortunately, my local Pandora store doesn't carry the Essence, so this would be amazing!!
Instagram: judy_shutterbug

Aracely Limon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're the same sign as my mom :). Virgos are honest and loving people. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Instagram: aracelylimon09

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! My sister is also a huge fan of pandora. Would love to win this for her.


jéssica f. said...

Utterly beautiful look! ;)

Crossing my fingers to win the bracelet, wee! ;)

Alma said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm in love with the Essence Collection and new 'Patience' bead... :)

Instagram: madziaalma

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