September 3, 2014

Good morning, Everyone! How is your week going so far? 

This one, is yet another one of those outfits comprised entirely out some of my new and old favorites! The cute tank and shirt I'm wearing in today's post were a B-Day gift from my mom. That alone automatically puts them into a category of all-times favorites, yet the fact they just happen to be comfy and flowy and in my favorite shade of blue, elevates them right to the top of that list:)

The pair jeans I am wearing in today's post is basically the end result of the search for that elusive pair of perfect boyfriend jeans I've been immersed in for the past, oh... well pretty much for ever! Why am I so obsessed with this pair? Well, in the past I've been able to find a pair that fits right, or a pair that has just the right amount of distress and even a pair in that particularly appealing shade of blue I like so much. But, it is only now that I finally found a pair that combines all of the above! 

Finally, I have to confess my weakness for making lists. In the beginning of every season, I sit down and make a list of my absolutely necessities. The reason behind the obsessive list making is really quite simple. I am a certifiable shopaholic, so when I go shopping I get distracted:) Instead of buying a pair of those black strappy sandals I actually need, I end up going home with petty much anything but! So, I make a list and I stick to it, or at least I try to:) 

Well, ever since I can remember, the very first thing on my Summer must-haves list was a pair of white sandals! Something simple, yet elegant I can pair with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses. Naturally when I spotted this pair of Saint Laurent sandals, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for. I've had them for about 2 months now, and I have to say this is definitely the pair I wore the most, which I am sure is also evident from the amount of appearances they made on this blog. And since the shape is so classic I have a feeling we are going to be inseparable next Summer as well:) 

BCBGMAXAZRIA Cora tank & Sidnee long-sleeve stitched collar shirtPhillip Lim Pashli medium satchel { in red here, also love this very pretty option in orchid here } | Zara ripped cropped jeansSaint Laurent Jane leather ankle strap sandals | Gorjana Elea cuff in gold and Bali hand chain thanks to Nordstrom 

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,


Temi Truly said...

I love the idea of making a new list every season! Great choice of shoes!!!

❤ Temi Truly
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B.A.D said...

Simplicity is always the best idea and you sure know how to make a simple outfit look perfect!

María Exojo said...

Great look!!



Mlle W said...

Fab casuals in pretty blue with that perfect pop of the Pashli

Paulina Haydenka said...

amazing :)

Federica Guatelli said...

I'm mad for this sandals!!
XOX, Gap.

Sasa Zoe said...

Beautiful tank! Love this chic look<3

Fanny Noush said...

You look great !

Natali said...

Yep, I need shopping lists as well since I also get easily distracted and end up buying something else instead of what I really,really need :P
Love your shoes and top, they're such a great pieces!


I love making lists! Love your tank.

Diana said...

Love your purse, it's such a pretty color!

xoxo, Diana

Emma H said...

I love the jeans!!

Jeanne said...

Such a lovely top!

Ana said...

You look awesome, casual and cool. Love YSL sandals! Making a list is a great idea, the trouble is always going to be sticking to it.

Ana x

Denisa said...

Really sooo nice.

Emma Walker said...

love the menswear feeling this outfit has!

Emma| With A City Dream

Linda Quinones said...

I'm obsessed with this! I love all of the shades of blue and then the pop of pink from the bag and the fresh look of the white heels. Those boyfriend jeans look incredible on you, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair.

You look incredible and your pictures are always so jaw dropping.

Venoma said...

Pretty combo!

Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
XoXo Venoma

Mei Fleming said...

Such a pretty tank. It's the perfect color and I love the wet you styled it.

Melissa Tierney said...

LOVE that bag and those delicate gold details of the jewels!

Hannah Aspropoulos said...

Your accessoires are always so eye-ctachy and pretty. Love how you styled those blue jeans! Great!
XOXO Hannah

Camille said...

Such a pretty outfit

Alela Sirah said...

Love the hues of blue!!

Mustard Gifts said...

Really nice outfit! Trendy but really comfortable :)

Rougeuse said...

Awesome jeans, love the jewelry! x

Joana said...

Amazing stylish casual outfit!

Su nd Chris said...

Such a beautiful combo! Love all your accessories!

xx Su

Jenny Tsang said...

Very cute cami ;)

xo Jenny

Laiyin said...

Simple yet chic look! And the Saint Laurent heels are indeed perfect!

Love from Munich, L

Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Cool look, love that top!

Leo is the new black on lb-lc fashion blog

Dilek Asanoska said...

The sandals look great, that Phillip Lim satchel though... stunning. 😍 ^^

Jade Yl said...

beautiful outfit, simple and chic! :)

MarieAntoinette said...

OMG I love your jeans ♥

shannette messam said...

I love the shades of blue.

Somebody from Somewhere said...

Well put look! Love it!

Live-Style20 said...

pretty style!! ;-)


new post

Liz Lauren said...

really great style

Liz Lauren said...

gorgeous style

Liz Lauren said...

gorgeous style

Liz Lauren said...

gorgeous style

Cheyenne said...

So envious of your jewelry collection.

xx Cheyenne

Beatrice Gutu said...

You look so chic! Love this top so much!

The Fashion Cuisine

Kelli Marie said...

Totally love this outfit! I make seasonal lists too! =)


Jelka Lepever said...

Love this look! And love your make up too :)


Erika K said...

You look amazing! I love your photos of details :)
Fashion Passion by Erika

Tonia Rose said...
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Tonia Rose said...

Gorgeous ensemble! I love the boyfriend jeans- I've been seeing them everywhere from my local high-street stores to on the backs of major stars. Check out the link below to see more 'borrowed from the boys' looks, such as these chic, tomboy jeans :) <3

Sweets & Style said...

This is another stunning outfit that I love on you! You have a great sense of style, Annabelle!

Michela Mazzon said...

love this jeans!

Victoria GlamFizz said...

So lovely!
Victoria | GlamFizz
or follow on Instagram

Jillian Wetherell said...

Wow; I love how these pieces pair together! The classic pieces mixed with a shredded boyfriend jean and a classic bag in an unexpected color really serve as a great update on a woman's favorite jeans and tank top!I don't have a bag this color but I do have these fun hot pink heels from Chinese Laundry that would just POP with a look like this.

Blond Ivy said...

Beautiful bag in a shade of salmon :*

Elizabeth Hawn said...

love these blue tones!

Rach Dulay said...

Love that tank! Pairs well with destroyed jeans!

Petite and Hungry said...

Love this!

Niss said...

I love this whole look babe, plus those sandals are gonna get so much use. Love them.

Life of Niss

Denina Martin said...

Love the denim and simple white heels combo!

Denina xx

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love those jeans!!

Lindsay Truax said...

Cute jeans! Love your outfit!

Elle Cherryblossomstreet said...

Love that shirt, really nice color! - Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

Yoko Nguyen said...

I simply love your style ♥

Visit my blog

Angela Donava said...

You look stunning! I love this outfit!
Have a nice day!
Angela Donava

Carolina Krews said...

Love it ;)

Mihaela said...

awesome heels! love your look


Marianna Simonyan said...

Love so much your style!)))


Marianna Simonyan said...

Love sooooooooo much your style!)))


Anonymous said...

Love the blue and coral contrast! The entire outfit is beautiful!
-Sayeh, The Office Stylist

natalia said...

Hi Annabelle,

I just came across your blog and absolutely love it. Just wanted to say hi :)


jessi pham said...

great look, beautiful tank, love your style <3

Kelly said...

I love that top!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Maria Egorova said...

Beautiful style !!!

Elifnaz said...

Perfect look! Love your style

Maria is on fashion said...

Simple and nice :)

Evi said...

So stylish and pretty! Nice look!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Carmen said...

Great look!!!!

Kristie Glenn said...

Pretty in denim!

Andrea jueong said...

Fabulous look!

Monika Basiaga said...

Love your heels and bag :)

Patricia Teixeira said...

The outfit looks so fresh and chic while still being casual. Love it!

Isida Horncastle said...

Love this outfit and those heels are amazing!!

Taylor Swift said...

nice !
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ahmad said...

nice picture..foto foto anda sangat menawan sekali.


plastikiniai langai said...

nice pic :)

Anonymous said...

I love your style!!

Plastikiniai langai

Limo said...

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Rose Jhonson said...
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Rose Jhonson said...

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