October 15, 2014

Just between us, I've been in a big hair rut lately. My summer adventures, although very exciting, left my hair in a state that can only be described as a complete and total mess. One too many dips in the salty Pacific Ocean, combined with massive UV exposure thanks to my sun worshiping ways, left a lot of damage and made my hair look brittle and lackluster. To make things worse, in an attempt to give my hair color a bit of a lift, I decided to color my hair with henna. Not a good idea! Instead of a color lift, I ended up with a particularly horrendous shade of red, which after a few washes faded into something only Chucky would sport and hair that still looked overwhelmingly damaged:( 

So, after reaching my tipping point last week, I decided to turn to professionals at Paul Mitchell. After an initial consultation with the superstar hairstyling duo of Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell's Editorial Director, and Takashi Kitamura, International Platform Artist, we settled on a beautiful medium brown, a shade that is very close to my natural hair color ( before the unfortunate henna incident ) but with a bit more dimension. As I was staring at the swatch of this beautiful, gleaming shade, it suddenly dawned upon me, this beautiful new hair color deserved a cut as well! After all, I always said I will go short eventually and this felt like the right time to do it:) 

Once we settled on the cut and color, Lucie washed my hair with Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo and Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner, the first two steps in Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair three-part, sulfate-free system which features reparative power of quinoa fused with nature-inspired ingredients, designed to lock in hair color and reverse the signs of damage. 

Next Takashi cut my hair, towel dried it and prepped it for styling with Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue spray, the third step in the system, which defends hair against heat styling - one of the primary causes of color fade.

Normally it takes me quite a bit of time to style my hair, but thanks to my new awesome hairdo the process of styling was quick and simple, which in my opinion is a true measure of a great hair cut. Takashi simply dried my hair with a round brush and then curled a few sections to add texture and dimension. 

Honestly, seeing this final result blew me away! The new hair looked much more polished, sophisticated, healthy and shiny:) I know, I know... I am gushing here, but I've been so unhappy with my hair lately and struggled to find the right products to use, so I am sure you can understand how happy I felt seeing such a tremendous difference after just a single application of the right hair care products.  

In terms of hair care, as I have mentioned before to keep this new beautiful hair color from fading and to combat the damage, Lucie suggested Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair System, which is designed to keep the color fresh for up 9 weeks, reduce breakage and enhance shine. Naturally, I plan to continue using the Ultimate Repair System religiously, and keep you updated on my progress! 

P.S. If you have any questions about the cut, color or products used, please feel free to email me anytime! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Paul Mitchell. The opinions and texts are all mine. 

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Beautiful look and love your hair!

oksanaarmee4ka said...

Beautiful hairdo!

Laura lexo said...

Wow!! Your hair are amazing like this!


Laura lexo said...

Wow!! Your hair are amazing like this!


Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Amazing result!

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LOLA C. said...

Wowwww sooo pretty!

The Style Circus said...

Beautiful hair cut!

Love from Munich, L

Anastasiya Panyutina said...

gorgeous look!!!

Elizabeth Hawn said...

your hair looks gorgeous!

Sasa Zoe said...

Love the new do<3

Pialunja said...

you look great!
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Tamara Pavlovic said...

Beautiful like always!
Great post and outfit!

Jeanne said...

Stunning blazer!!

Mei Fleming said...

There crown of your hair is shining. Love the haircut and soft curls.

Natali said...

Your hair always looks flawless!!

Live-Style20 said...

nice style!! ; ]


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Yolonda J. Washington // Style Fragment said...

You look gorgeous as usual. Love the ensemble too.

Madina Akhmieva said...

Any hair fits you - just stunning!

xoxo Maddie

Yoko Nguyen said...

stunning outfit ♥

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Monika Basiaga said...

Beautiful! :))

Camille said...

Gorgeous haircut ! Suits you so well

Kirsten Schwalke said...

You look beautiful!!! Absolutely the right decision to cut your hair. I love your long hair but sometimes a little change is right and as a reader it also feels right just now:o)
xoxo Kirsten

Lizzy Hadfield said...

It looks gorgeous!! So glossy and healthy!

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Mihaela said...

loove love this!


Andrea jueong said...

Beautiful hair and blazer!

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Enikő Schmidt said...

Love your new hair and your blazer so much!

Revital said...

Lovely photos! you look wonderful as always (:

talktomyshoes said...

A beautiful haircut on you! I am loving it and feeling like I should just bite the bullet and tend to my own hair...

PSLily Boutique said...

Beautiful look! Love your hair :)


anoddgirl said...

your hair looks amazing!

Carla del Río said...

Ohhh what a wonderfull hair!!!
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Liz Lauren said...

it really suits you!

Elle Cherryblossomstreet said...

You look gorgeous!
xx Elle -Swedish Model and Fashion blogger in Tokyo

Lisa Purkey said...

You look gorgeous!!!!

Melissa Tierney said...

Amazing photos...I wish I looked that fab getting my hair done!

TheBohoFlow said...

Seriously LOVE your all black look!

Julie said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I love the cut.

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Lyly - Bio and the Beauty said...

Sublime !

Sweets & Style said...

Love your hair! You look pretty!

Maria is on fashion said...

The color looks very good on you :)

Dominika Mrázová said...

very nice :) admire your blazer :)

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Jeany R. said...

So in love with your hair! Looks so beautiful! <3

Ann-Louise Lindberg said...

Your hair looks amazing!!

Amanda chic said...

amazing look

Mlle W said...

girl, you're horribly exaggerating with your Chucky red but this dark looks nice on you.

Natalia Bosch said...

Gorgeous photos,

Lots of love.

Eea said...

I just love it <3

fashionGossipGirl said...

I love your hair :)

Sherry said...

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Mirelly Reyna said...

Great post!!

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jessica said...

nice sandals

Sandra said...

OMG! Just perfect!

Vanessa Basanta said...

beautiful look!!
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CIRANUS said...

Madre mía Annabelle... Que bellísima eres...!!!

youniform said...

love your style

Anonymous said...

i love it!

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