Good morning and happy Saturday, Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week! I am sure you've all guessed from the title of this post that this particular entry is going to be all about eyebrows! You see, as of lately I've developed a full on obsession with eye brows! Why you ask? Well, in my opinion nothing transforms a face quite like eyebrows do. The right shape can bring out your eyes, accentuate or minimize certain features, and balance the whole face in general. 

So why did I start obsessing with eyebrows now? Well, mainly because thanks to mother nature, I have fairly thin eyebrows, which wasn't much of a problem until the fuller brows came in style. Suddenly my frail arches didn't look current anymore. So, when I was approached by Who What Wear and to try out and shoot a campaign for the new Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara, I jumped at the chance to transform my barely there arches! 

When I met with the make up artist on the day of the shoot, we started by talking about my eyebrow concerns. As I have mentioned before, I really wanted my brows to look fuller and more polished. To achieve this look, the make up artist recommended Maybelline Brow Drama in dark brown, a shade closest to my natural brow color. 

The application process was really simple and consisted of a single step, i.e. applying the product using light, upwards strokes following along the brow contour. The entire process took less than a few minutes and I have to say, I was completely amazed by the end result. My eyebrows looked much fuller, more polished and defined. I also really loved the way Maybelline Brow Drama feels on! In the past, I tried a few brow products that felt really heavy, but this tinted gel mousse, felt completely weightless, basically like I was wearing nothing at all! 

Special thank you to the wonderfully talented Justin Coit who shot all the beautiful images for the Maybelline campaign and to for all of the behind the scenes shots! 

P.S. To see a complete story and more of the behind the scenes shots on, CLICK HERE

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