March 21, 2015

Ok, so I wasn't really biking. In fact, what I am wearing, is pretty much the exact opposite of what proper biking attire should look like ( even if you are trying to look fashionable ) but I spotted this bike on the street and though it looked pretty cool with my outfit. Yes, I am fully aware I'm matching outfits to random bikes on the street but I figure since this was a rather happy coincidence and not a calculated move, I am allowed some leeway here... Right? 

Though perhaps, if this was in fact something I wore to go biking, trying to pedal in platform heels would have been punishment enough! :) 

MSGM colorblock raffia cotton miniskirt & tie front crop shirt | Michael Kors Adelina runway suede platform sandal | Westward Leaning Voyager 6 tahoe blue, black frame sunglasses | IRO PARIS bag 

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Monika Basiaga said...

Wow! You look amazing! :)
I'm in love with your bag, heels and shirt which is very original because of the bow. Skirt is so great and special too! Nice shape and colours. Photos are perfect as always. Especially first :)

Enikő Schmidt said...

Beautiful look! Love the heels and the skirt so much!

The Color Palette said...

i love your skirt, you look gorgeous!

The Color Palette

Jessica Salisbury said...

I LOVE that look with the bike! Not practical, but so cute! :)


Nicoletta De Luca said...

I love that skirt!

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Liz Lauren said...

such a chic look -- that skirt is adorable

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Su nd Chris said...

What a lovely skirt! Cute outfit!

xx Su

Eden Mint said...

Love your skirt and shoes, great look!

Joana said...

So fab and chic! Love the MSGM skirt!

Emma Honohan said...

Even though this isn't actually for biking, it's still a super cool look, I love how you found a matching bike for though!

Brinis Fashionbook said...

The skirt is amazing - love the colors :)

Ines Čiček Lepoglavec said...

Amazing outfit!
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Ksenia Nova said...

Like all beautiful and stylish!

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Russian fashion blog  

Russian fashion blog  

Sasa Zoe said...

Love the skirt and the sandals<3

Shall We Sasa

Sasa Zoe said...

Love the skirt and the sandals<3

Shall We Sasa

Beatrice Gutu said...

You look so pretty! Absolutely in love with this skirt!

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

very beautiful!

Annlouise Lindberg said...

Love your outfit, especially the skirt. The print is gorgeous!

Natali said...

You look absolutely amazing!! This skirt is so unique and fits you perfectly. :)


Rae said...

I love the color blocking in this skirt! And that's too funny that you posed with some random bike :) But it does look cute with the outfit!


Diana said...

Love your skirt! You look fabulous.

|| D I A N A ||

Lizzy Hadfield said...

This is gorgeous! I loveee the shoes!

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Sylwia from the sign of design said...

You look absolutely fantastic! I just love your sandals!

Kisses from Poland,

Kasia Bernat said...

I love the combination of the colours on your skirt. White bow shirt matches perfectly!

Aleksandra Skorupan said...

love everything about this outfit <3

Laura Mitbrodt said...

your skirt is so chic!
Love it

Flip Flops And Furs said...

Great skirt!

Flip Flops and Furs

Yulia said...

I really love the combination of shapes and colors:)

You look amazing!

stephanie said...

Love the outfit!! That skirt is so chic!!

PSLily Boutique said...

Love this look on you! The skirt is everything and you look amazing :)


Joua A Yang said...

Beautifulll, and yes, great matching combo with the outfit and bike.

ShoesManiac said...

love the skirt, amazing :)

Denisa said...

Perfect as always.

Cocktail Dress said...

WOW! I love your outfit!!

Alina Ermilova said...

Ahaha I like how you just decided to take some photos with somebody's bike on the street ahhah!

Love the outfit! Especially that bright skirt! <3



claudia villanueva said...

Gorgeous! Skirt, shirt and heels are so fab!

Maggie A said...

Love the shoes.

Maggie A

Alex Terner said...


john Hartil said...

Love that skirt and your heels are awesome!!

Joy Shiness said...

Fabulous look !

Justyna P said...


Cassidy Taylor-Memmory said...

Love the way you out this outfit together, especially with the skirt!

Camille said...

Such a great look

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt! You look fabulous! :)

XX Ivona

Kristie Glenn said...

Amazing the skirt!

Adriana said...

Your skirt is gorgeous!

Shavonne Purnell said...

Absolutely Stunning as always! Love the bright colors.

Shavonne Purnell said...
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kianachannel said...

wooow you look absolutely stunning, I'm obssesed with your skirt and bag.

loving the colours <3

Avellia Anwar said...

pretty skirt

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Valeria Souhaut said...

Beautiful look! Love the sandal and the skirt so much!

Pialunja said...

gorgeous outfit, love the shoes!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Denina Martin said...

This look is stunning stunning!!! I wan it all- love it from top to bottom!


Denina Martin said...

This look is stunning stunning!!! I wan it all- love it from top to bottom!


Denina Martin said...

This look is stunning stunning!!! I wan it all- love it from top to bottom!


michelle said...

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Violet Roots said...

Haha it's a happy coincidence so it's totally allowed!


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Alyssa Renee said...

Such a preppy & cute look! Love the skirt! =)

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BikePretty said...

I pedal in platform heels all the time. In fact it's easier to bike in heels than it is to walk in them!
Nothing wrong with matching your outfit to the bike and vice-versa.

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