March 9, 2015

I realize the absurdity of going bare-legged in February and yet such is the nature of the weather in California. Though it does get cold enough to wear a coat from time to time, for the most part, it tends to be pretty warm, even in the middle of Winter. 

I am of course not complaining at all! I am especially not complaining in lieu of a phone conversation I had with my mom yesterday regarding all the marvels of Canadian winters, i.e. black ice, heavy snow fall and my personal favorite, gusting wind! Though, I left Toronto almost 10 years ago, the memories of Canadian winters are still fresh in my mind which is probably one of the reasons why I will never be able to take going bare-legged in February for granted:) 

Shoshanna Nicoletta sweater dress { also love this long-sleeve version } | IRO Paris Magic sweater { wearing a size M for a more relaxed fit } | Proenza Schouler patchwork medium bucket bag { also love this all white version here } | Isabel Marant Royston boots { 50% OFF here } | Rag & Bone leather-trimmed wool-felt fedora | Rue Gembon rings | OPI nail polish in Birthday Babe  { 3 coats } 

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Federica Guatelli said...

I like accessories...amazing boots!!
XOX, Gap.

Violet Roots said...

Love everything about this look! The fringe skirt and the sweater combo is really nice. Also a fan of the rings too.


Alina Ermilova said...

I really love this look! There's just something so cool about fringe, it instantly makes every outfit so much better!

I'm currently living in a cold climate, so it's coats and boots kinda weather right now. Can't wait for real Spring to come!



Su nd Chris said...

What a beautiful and stylish look! Love the fringe skirt!

xx Su

Rhea Gupte said...

This is such a beautiful look! I love the fringe detail and the way you did your eye makeup!

Irene Buffa said...

You look amazing!

TERESA A said...

Those boots and that bag is to die for! Love the fringe skirt and the jumper! Very nice!


cristina surdu said...

omg!!! so beautiful!!!

Malu Swartjes said...

You look amazing!♥
The Stylish Confessions | Fashion & Beauty blog

Ailén Celada said...

I'm in love with this styling, I love everything !! And the hairstyle you wear is ideal



Emma Honohan said...

I love this fringe skirt look!

Diana said...

Love your skirt!! Feb outfit, you look great.
|| D I A N A ||

Feyi A said...

Love! x



Love the hat and fringe!

Sasa Zoe said...

love the fringe! SO cool!

Shall We Sasa

Flip Flops And Furs said...

Love the fringe!

I was just in Napa this weekend and it was so hard to come back to the cold and rain at home. The weather was amazing there. So jealous!


Flip Flops and Furs

Laura Girard said...

You look stunning, love this outfit & your hairstyle !

Love from Paris

Liz Lauren said...

love how you styled the fringe skirt

Coachella Giveaway on my blog!

Rhiannon Payne said...

This looks amazing! Love the fringing. I wish I could wear bare legs in England, so fed up of tights now!

Adrián Oslé said...

Good combination!! You look great.


Helena Branquinho said...

Cool! Love your boots!!

Camille said...

Such a pretty look

sammie said...

You're so lucky to be able to run around bare legged right now :) We currently have pretty nice temperatures but we still have to wait some more until it's possible to wear skirts without tights on :)
Your outfit is wonderful and the fringe details are such an eye-catcher.

Alyssa Renee said...

Love the fringe and those awesome boots! =)


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Karen Farber said...

Such a cute outfit!! Love the fringe, I've been looking for a similar piece. & the hat is perfect for Spring, the color is amazing!

Beatrice Gutu said...

You look so insanely chic! I'm absolutely in love with this hat!

Melissa Tierney said...

Such a cute look!

Alyona Prykhodko said...

I love this outfit! Simple, yet absolutely stunning. Sexy, but without trying to hard. Love.


Lizzy Hadfield said...

Loving this, the fringe of the skirt looks SO gorgeous!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Natali said...

This is such an amazing and stylish outfit!
Perfect bag and top!

Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Fabulous and chic look.

Dominique Candido said...


Dominique Candido said...


Fashion Elle said...

Love, love, love your Blog!!!!!


Accidental Icon said...

I love the way fringe gives such a feeling of movement and it wouldn't be the same if one were wearing tights or stockings. The boots are the perfect compliment.

Accidental Icon

Cheyenne said...

This sweater dress just looks amazing, totally love the fringe.

xx Cheyenne

Nicoletta De Luca said...

Cool way to combine fringes!

lb-lc | IT fashion blog

Julia Deutschen said...

I am such a huge fan of the purse.
The colors are amazing and match a lot of outfits.
I love the fringe skirt.
It works really well with the bucket bag.

xx Julia

Eden Mint said...

Love the details on the skirt, beautiful outfit with the bucket bag.

Mackenzie Mancuso said...

That bag is so perfect!

xo Kenzie
Girl From the North Country

Hannah Aspropoulos said...

Love how you styled the fringe trend! Your booties are just amazing!

xx Hannah

Monika Basiaga said...

Love this look and amazing photos! :)

Adriana said...

Love the look! The bag is so perfect!

The Style Circus said...

Absolutely amazing look, love the way you styled the fringes.

Love, L

I Showed Up In Boots said...

Love that this is a dress and that despite being all black, there is so much texture in this outfit that makes it special!


anoddgirl said...

so gorgeous
love the sweater dress

Edina Pakozdi said...

<3 this!

Printed or Plain

Avellia Anwar said...

great look
love ur bag most <3

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love your fringe skirt

Maria Egorova said...

WoW! So beautiful!!!

john Hartil said...

A lovely look and I just adore your bag!

Nikki said...

I love your outfit!! you look stunning:) X

Anna said...

love this <3

Valeria Souhaut said...

I love your Isabel Marant boots!!!
Very good outfit!!!

Annlouise Lindberg said...

Lovely outfit! Fringes are so fun and make so much to an outfit!

Debow said...

this skirt is what I call perfection !!!
you look gorgeous !

Kristie Glenn said...

Nice outfit! Loving the accessories!


Paola said...

So pretty! I love your bag

Lindsay Truax said...

Love your fringe skirt!

The Office Stylist said...

Haha, tell me about it! In LA, going out in shorts all year round is totally normal. You look stunning as always and I'm loving the shoes.

claudia villanueva said...

I love fringes! Perfect outfit!

Elizabeth Hawn said...

loving your fringe and your handbag!

loving-evelyn said...

I am in love with that bag

Merlin said...

I am this close * to getting fringe western boots....absolutely adore fringe!! franki

PSLily Boutique said...

Love the hat and boots :)


Joana said...

Perfect style! Love the nail polish!

Jennifer Kaya said...

Nice post! Looking great in this cute black outfit!

Paula said...

This dress is beautiful. I love the hat too. :)

The first picture is great.

Shei BP said...


Viktoria said...

wow! so stunning

Lena said...

wow,it's so pretty,love this look!Especially the sexy sweater dress,it is so stylish.

Angie Wilson said...

I am loooving how you styled this look! Those shoes are everything!

xx Angie |

Sej said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sej said...

There are no words to convey how much I love your jumper!

I wasn't quite sure if it was part of your dress at first, it all works so well together.

Shanelle || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


Andrea Corson said...

So gorgeous, Annabelle! I love the stories you tell through your photos.

| |

Milutin Ladjevic said... perfect!

alok Barua said...

Charismatic bag, shoes, jackets, i never ever see any more look like that. trendy fashion

nuriel shechtman said...

amazing look! love your sweater!

Imenz said...

wow tha's so cool fashion

Emily Medina said...

Love your skirt!!

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