If I had to choose one blazer, one shirt and one pair of skinnies to wear for the rest of my life, the ones I'm wearing in today's post would be it! Incidentally, the way they found their way into my closet  is a direct result of my new shopping philosophy. You see, about two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to shape up my wardrobe, so I rid my closet of all the maybes, put a stop to impulse purchases, which rarely work out for me, and decided to approach new purchases with caution and serious consideration. Now, what I mean by caution and consideration is the following:

MARC JACOBS Trouble suede shoulder bag

DOLCE & GABBANA nude pumps, designer shoes blog, annabelle fleur shoes

House of Harlow sunglasses

After cleaning my closet, I have noticed that I am particularly guilty of buying things that I like and not necessarily the ones I need. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying something you like in itself, when you end up with copious amount of shoes in all imaginable colors yet don't have a solid pair of black heels to wear with everything, you know you have a problem. And I certainly have a problem because when I find something I like, all reason goes out the window, and all I hear myself thinking is "cute" and "need", so I justify my impulse purchases by assuring myself I will find some way to incorporate them into my closet, even though I have nothing to wear them with right now. Needless to say, this rarely works, so I end up with a tone of things I don't wear and not enough basics and necessities. Well, no more! From now on, I am making lists of all the things I need and buying strictly what's on the list! It's a work in progress, but so far it's been working out!

I am happy to say, I was even able to restrain myself from snatching a particularly gorgeous pair of turquoise heels, though I have to admit, the decision has been weighing on my mind heavily. Must find a way to stay strong... !

FRAME button down striped shirt | MOTHER + CANDICE SWANEPOEL Looker ankle fray jeans | IRO Abril blazer | MARC JACOBS Trouble suede shoulder bag | DOLCE & GABBANA pumps | ELODIE K floating stone chain wrap bracelet, floating stone marquis ring 

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