August 21, 2015

As much as I gush about my love of new things, the truth is, I really enjoy being in a committed relationship with more than a few things in my closet. Take this IRO blazer or Stuart Weitzman loafers for example, I've had them for about a year and a year and a half respectively and haven't looked back! Thinking about what it is that makes an item a time-tested favorite for me, I believe it's actually the combination of two things, i.e. looks and substance. Obviously when it comes to clothing or accessories they way they look is important, yet I find that how you feel when you wear that certain item plays an equally important part. If something doesn't feel good on, no matter how beautiful it is, it will inevitably end up in the back of your closet forgotten in favor of something a bit more comfortable. Well, at least that's how it is for me:) And so, when I find something that's beautiful inside and out ( and also possibly happens to work with 80-90% of everything I have in my closet ) I tend to hold on!:) 

STUART WEITZMAN The Leman oxford | IRO Abril blazer | ILLESTEVA Boca mirrored sunglasses { in blue here } | CHANEL Boy flap bag in perforated leather | GABRIEL & CO bracelets & rings 


Anya Prosto said...

Очень красиво! Белый блейзер превосходен!
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Marmalade said...

love this look, the last picture is fab too

Marmalade said...

love this look, the last picture is fab too

Styleofblonde said...

Such a great look, I'm in love with your blazer!

shannette messam said...

Such Beautiful look. Love your shoes and you look totally awesome and chic.

Elizabeth Hawn said...

LOVE your accessories!

Fashion Petite said...

LOVE LOVE it!!!!
xoxo Lynda

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

very cool!

Stephanie said...

Love it!!! The jewelry is so pretty!!!

Art Adorned said...

This a really cute outfit Love the sunglasses and the jewelry looks awesome.Thanks for sharing hon and hope you have a great weekend.

Emma Honohan said...

Denim shorts are a great way to dress down the blazer!

john Hartil said...

Such a class look! Gorgeous blazer

Jessica said...

This look is perfect ! I love those sunglasses, shorts, blazer, loafers - it is literally just amazing all around haha. Also, hydrangeas are my favorite so that just adds to the amazingness of this post ! Hope your having a great day <3


Laviniah Chero said...

Gorgeous look! This is the only time I'd gladly trade in a pair of heels for flats, love!

Alyssa Renee said...

I love this look!!! The blazer and the shoes make it so classy! Stunning blazer! =)

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Natali said...

Wonderful shoes and sunnies, both are so unique and statement pieces that make this casual outfit and incredibly inspiring one. :)

elza b. said...

such a gorgeous look, love the jewellery! you look amazing!

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TheBohoFlow said...

Gorgeous look, so casually chic. Love the sunnies!
With love,

Cecille said...


Angie Wilson said...

Great casual look!

xx Angie |

Liz Lauren said...

love this white blazer

Vesna said...

you are always so stylish! great shoes!

Monika Basiaga said...

So beautiful photos!
I like everything without shorts and shoes ;)

LIVforstyle said...

So simple and chic.


Melissa Tierney said...

love your shoes!

Emma Walker said...

Love this!

Emma | With A City Dream

Kathy McCarthy said...

Really love this look. Love your jewelry and those sunglasses. Really love those shoes. I'm glad you get a lot of use out of them. It would be a shame for them to just sit in your closet. I'm sure there are so many things you can wear them with.


Sasa Zoe said...

So cool! Love your shoes<3

Shall We Sasa

ShoesManiac said...

nice combo :)

grey dress

Sanja said...

Cool style, lovely chic shoes!

Ilah E said...

Very lovely! Beautiful pictures as well!

Trendencies Blog said...

Love this summer chic outfit with the blazer and the Oxford shoes!

Helena Oops said...

Wonderfil look and photos!
I love this style!
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Christine said...

LOVE your blazer, this entire look is so nice :-) x

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Amanda said...

You are too gorgeous!

Live-Style20 said...

so cute look ; -)

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Joana said...

So stylish!

Viktoria said...

so stunning!

Nikolina Hajdinić said...

Like your hole combinatin, as alwas, especially loafers.

Camille said...

I absolutely love how you accessorize your outfits !

Avellia Anwar said...

nice look..

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Teresa Quiroga said...

I love your outfit!!
Looks amazing

Justyna P said...

Love it! You look awesome!

ayme nicole said...

You look gorgeous!

I feel like oxfords is one of those things that look gorgeous on other people but that I don't like on myself. I think it's because I feel that I'm short and I think those look good on girls who are tall or who have super long legs. They shorten my body a little.


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful outfit!

Amal Clooney's style:

Andrea jueong said...

Stunning look! Love the shoes and last picture!

kizi300 said...

love this look, the last picture is fab too!

Sophia Gill said...
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Claire Maïwenn said...

Love so much this casual, chic & everyday look!


Kisses from Australia

Marmalade said...

love this look, perfect jacket

Mel x

Marmalade said...

love this look, perfect jacket

Mel x

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