If you read my blog on regular basis, you know what a total shoeaholic I am! Now imagine my excitement when Nine West reached out and offered an opportunity to style one of my favorite shoe-styles ever, i.e. a classic black pump! Why do I love this particular style so much? Well, there are many reasons to love black pumps, but what makes this style truly special for me, is the fact that they work for any occasion and work equally well for day or night! 

Though Nine West certainly has quite a few different black pumps to choose from, I went with the pointy-toe Jackpot pumps in black suede. Aside from being particularly partial to black suede pumps in general, what I like about this pair is the hight of the heel! Perfect for casual pairings, the heel is not too high for the office yet sexy enough to wear with after-hours ensembles. In short, the perfect shoe for day and night and everything in between!

Off-Duty Casual Vibes:
Jeans and blazers are my thing! If I had to chose a single outfit I am most comfortable in, this would be it! A great combination of casual and polished, jeans paired with jackets have an easy, nonchalant vibe without looking too simple! Though one could certainly opt for flats with this look, I am a high-heels girl through and through, so adding a pair of black suede pumps, for me, completes this look like no other shoe can:) Aside from the fact that skinny blue jeans and black suede pumps were made for each other, the reason why the Jackpot pumps work so well for this look is because they add texture and complement the color palette without being too matchy matchy. Love that!

This outfit is basically a dressier version of my beloved jeans and blazers combo, courtesy of skinny leather pants and velvet blazer. To create this almost all-black look, I played with deferent textures such as leather, suede and velvet and added a few pups of color with a striped white button-down shirt and a bright red tote! I suppose you can say that I am a bit of a traditionalist because I still love to wear blazers to work, but I think leather pants and a smoking jacket instead of a classic version of a blazer, help to give this look a bit of a modern vibe. Once again, I completed this look with my Jackpot suede pumps for a comfortable lift, polish and sophistication.

Night on the Town:
I love mini skirts! Sexy and girly, mini skirts are one of my favorite pieces to wear for a night on the town! Yet because I am not a fan of overly provocative ensembles, I like to balance the length of the skirt with tailored pieces on top. For this particular look, I opted for a velvet blazer and a simple turtleneck. Once again, to complete this look I went with my Jackpot suede pumps! Love the way the pointy toe elongates the silhouette while the medium heel height balances out the super short skirt and adds a dose of sophistication and polish to this otherwise very sexy look! 

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