HAPPY 2016!

January 1, 2016

Good morning, Everyone! I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy 2016! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may this year bring you nothing but happiness and joy!

Secondly, do you guys have that one item you totally obsess about? I mean you can see it quite clearly in your mind, but just can't seem to find it no matter how hard you look? Well, for me, the search for a perfect chunky winter white cardigan has been a very long one!

I envisioned something super slouchy, preferably made from thick yarn for that really cozy look. Yet, no matter how many times I put it right at the top of my must-have list, I never found quite what I was looking for. Either too fitted or not chunky enough, I found a lot of really close ones, just never the absolutely right one:)

That is until now! Because I have finally found my unicorn!:) Even better than I could have imagined, it's everything I could have hoped for and more! Because? Duh! Side pockets! Of course my perfect chunky cardigan should have pockets:)

My obsession with this sweater is out of control, because I seriously cannot imagine wearing anything but! Of course I realize the minor complications which may arise from me wearing the same thing over and over again seeing how this is a fashion blog and you probably wouldn't want to see it 3 times a week. But... I'm obsessed!:) So perhaps you wouldn't mind seeing it every once in a while? Would twice a week be too much?:)

MASON BY MICHELLE MASON chunky cardigan | L'AGENCE Jane top in ivory | AG Stevie ankle cords | RAYE Paige flat | CELINE bag | NIALAYA Skyfall horn necklace | ESTELLE DEVE ring set { similar here } | JOCELYN bag charm { similar here & here }  


Su nd Chris said...

What a beautiful outfit, love all the pieces!
Happy New Year :))

xx Su http://fashiontwinstinct.blogspot.de/

Monika Basiaga said...

So pretty photos! :) Love flowers too <3
I like your cardigan, pants, sunnies and pompom ;)

Justyna P said...


Dressed With Soul said...

Thanks for your good wishes! And I understand you love your white winter cardigan so much - it is indeed the perfect piece! Have a happy New Year!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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Unknown said...

happy new year!Fleur,do you do some jewelry?i am from Kenya and we have traditional ornamental accesories which are appealing and can be designed to match your taste(from the Maasai tribe known for their flashy beads)

Valentina Batrac said...

I'm obsessed with this outfit, it's amazing and looks so warm! You look beautiful <3

Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

Monika Wlodarczyk said...

I love this cardi, it looks so nice, and I must admit I have not seen a white cardi around.



sammie said...

A wonderful outfit to start 2016 and you made the right choice by getting this cardigan,it's absolutely perfect :)
Wish you a happy new year and that all of your resolutions will come true


Emma Honohan said...

This is such a pretty all white outfit! I love the tulips too

Rita said...

Happy year!!
Lots of love and good wishes from Portugal! <3


Trendencies Blog said...

Love the look and the shoes are amazing!

Manon B said...

Perfect look , and the pictures are wonderful !

xOxo Manon B

Hun said...

Lovely outfit <3 happy New year beautiful


Camille said...

Such a great look ! Happy New Year

Natali said...

Besides red, white is in my mind a perfect color to start a new year with! You look so pretty and stylish in this mono outfit. :)


Sun Moon said...

Love the winter in white, and your choice is beautiful! Big white knit is a lovely peace, very combinable. I've noticed that shoes, they united a couple of seasons trends.



THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Beautiful photos!

|| D I A N A ||

Rach DiMare said...

Happy new year!! I am also on the hunt for the perfect oversized, chunky knit sweater! Yours look great on you and it is styled so well!


Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love your shoes. Happy New Year.



Lena Parker-Duncan said...

Slouchy cardigans are simply the best! Perfect for when you don't need something as heavy as a coat, but still want to be warm!

Lena Parker-Duncan - Graphic Designer and Photographer

Fifi Jules said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! I love an all-white look, so elegant xx


Mlle W said...

Happy 2016 ♥

Winter whites look so crisp on you and I always love tulips. I cannot stop loving those type of strappy flat shoes either: I never gotten to like trainers outside workouts and these shoes bridge the gap between confort and beauty.

Oh, as for resolutions I have to loose a couple of pounds from the legs (especially after seeing you rocking yours in white): I've been into Pump workouts with heavy weights and my legs bulked up like mad; and boohoo, I did it to make my booty sexier which did not happen! I'm gonna go for HIIT workouts again for creating leaner legs again :)

Alok said...

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Michèle Kruesi said...

oh I'm just crazy in LOVE with these photos. beautiful look

Czuję miętę said...

fresh and classy :)

Lauralexo - said...

You look amazing babe! Happy New Year


Perrier Émilie said...

superbe look !


stephanie said...

Happy new year!!! You look amazing!!!! Loving the cozy look.

Sasa Zoe said...

Love the white look<3

Shall We Sasa

Trunk UP said...

Love this! All white is always a gorgeous option, and the shoes tie this outfit perfectly!


Trunk Up

Karen said...

Happy New Year Annabelle! Looking forward to another year of amazing outfits and killer shoes from you. May you be well and happy in2016.

Olga Dubinko said...

I can't even begin to describe how amazing this outfit is! Being white, and cozy, and so stylish!

Happy new year!


Tali Kogan said...

What a gorgeous look!! Obsessed with the bag and layered necklaces. So classy and elegant. Winter white is trending, and you wear it perfectly.

Check out my blog for my favorite moments of 2015: http://telavivcouture.blogspot.com/


Joana Sá said...

Oh gosh so perfect look
Adore it

Kiss kiss.*Jo

anoddgirl said...

love your shoes!
gorgeous outfit

Amanda said...

The chucks sweater is really cute Happy 2016


Diva In Me said...

That's a really nice white cardigan. It looked so comfortable.
I'm wishing you a happy year 2016 in return and may you be blessed with abundance =)

Malu Swartjes said...

I love this look! You look stunning:)

xx Malu

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Ed Rielly said...

Starting 2016 as gorgeous as ever!

Adriana said...

Love this all white look! And the shoes are so pretty!

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Blog Drika Araújo said...

Amei,look perfeito😘

Blog Drika Araújo said...

Amei,look perfeito😘

Yuka said...

gorgeous in all white! love the chunky knit!


stella said...

Wow, I really like this look. So fresh and stylish!


Colli Stars said...

Wow, these pics are simply stunning!!!

xoxo, Colli

Prince Chic said...

You look amazing! In love with the shoes
Lot's of love

Alyssa Renee said...

Love this outfit! It's such a cozy and cute everyday look! Really love that cardigan! Your flats are great too! =)

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Yana Kasekamp said...

I love this outfit. You look so cozy. :)


Oksana said...

Love winter whites! ❤️

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You look so beautiful in that outfit! I love the white look. You look so good in it.

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