I fully understand the irony of talking about in-between season dressing in February. Yet because we've been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in LA lately and in-between season dressing is exactly what I've been doing, talking about what I wear when I can no longer slip on my coats and boots, seems entirely appropriate:) 

Most of the time, switching from winter to summer wardrobe isn't easy for me. I guess there is a certain rhythm I get used to when I style outfits around boots and coats. And because weather in LA switched at a drop of a hat, at times, you literally find yourself switching seasons overnight. And sure, this happens all the time, yet I still struggle with going from wearing a fluffy coat on Monday to denim cut-offs on Tuesday:) To make the process of switching a little less painful, what I've been doing lately, is mixing pieces from both summer and winter seasons. So, I'd pair a summery dress with a trench and boots, or wear a pretty lace skirt with a blazer and oxfords as in the case of today's look. 

What about you guys, what's your trick for in-between season dressing?  

IRO Nicole skirt LOEFFLER RANDALL Rosa point loafer { similar options here & here } | SOFT JOIE Ilari blouse | MISHA COLLECTION Bakari blazerDIOR So Real 48mm sunglasses | ADORNMONDE earrings | MICHAEL KORS Sawyer leather strap watch { also love this rose gold option } | TIFFANY & CO Atlas open ring

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