March 25, 2016

As I was getting ready for Paris Fashion Week, I felt that my hair color needed a bit of a lift! So, I teamed up with John Frieda® Hair Care to try their new Brilliant Brunette® collection of shampoos, conditioners and in-shower treatments. Reason why I was so excited to test out Brilliant Brunette® is because this collection consists of products which can lighten, deepen and brighten your color, right in the shower!  And I don't know about you guys, but I can definitely get on board with being able to play with my hair color every time I shower!:)

Deciding whether to go lighter or deeper seemed equally appealing at first, but since I'm really fond of my dark brown color, I opted to deepen my shade. Though I have to say that the biggest change came after the 3rd wash, I actually noticed quite a difference even after using the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ shampoo and conditioner for the first time because my color definitely had much more dimension! I saw the most dramatic change after the third wash. My color, which was a bit faded and flat before, looked much richer, lustrous and a lot more vibrant! Best way to describe it, Not a Basic Brunette, indeed!:)

BTW, my little trick is to keep the shampoo on for a bit longer. I started by applying shampoo all over my hair from root to tip. Next, I put on a shover cap and left it on for about 5 minutes. Finally, after washing the shampoo out, I rinsed my hair with cool water to really bring out the shine! And voila! Instantly deeper, more brilliant color in just 5 minutes in a convenience of my own shower! Love that!

P.S. As always, please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any product questions, I'd be happy to answer!:) 


oksanaarmee4ka said...

You look wonderful! Definitely need to try this!

Francesca Cristini said...

it's a magic product!


Sasa Zoe said...

Love the new color<3

Shall We Sasa

Dressed With Soul said...

I really like the result!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Natali said...

Looking gorgeous!!! Such a beautiful hair color and a perfect haircut which really suits your face so well. :)

Liz Lauren said...

wow it really makes such a difference

Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with your hair!! Can you do a post on how you style it, both waxy and straight?!?!

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Olga Dubinko said...

Such an interesting range of products!

Alyssa Renee said...

That sweater is too cute! BTW I love your blue & white striped dress! =)


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Monika Basiaga said...

I like your both outfits! :) said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I am in love with the wrap dress. Who is that by?

Stephanie said...

Love the color! And that dress is so pretty!

Jessica said...

Amazing tips! You look gorgeous! =D


Ana Vieira said...

Amazing hair. <3

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Xinyi Chen said...

Such a lovely posts, love the photos!


Nikki said...

Your hair looks beautiful!:) X

Adriana said...

Love the color of your hair! It really suits you!

►Nadush said...

You are beautiful girl ! :)

Josefin Molander said...

You look absolutely stunning! x

Linda Tran said...


Nicoletta De Luca said...

Such a wonderful hair color!

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Živilė Dap said...

You look gorgeous as always, that hair care seems like good and cool products!
Thanks for sharing

Marija Krstevski said...

You are gorgeous! I love your dress. <3

Monika Wlodarczyk said...

Lovely! I love their hair products!

Aïchatou Bella Sakho said...

Looks so good.

I want that sweatshirt! You are so Gorg BTW!


Aïchatou Bella

Kelly said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and I will have to try this out!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Koray Gülpınar said...

Wow Wonderfull


Camille said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

Where can I get this sweatshirt?

Karen Farber said...

Love your hair color! Will have to try this when I'm needing a change

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Cute jackets!!! I'm loving it.
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Maribel Martín said...

Te queda precioso!!!!!

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Maru Conti said...

Your hair looks amazing!

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Colli Stars said...

You simply look stunning, wow!

Liebst, Colli

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Anonymous said...

nice girl :)

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