I have a confession to make. I've been shamelessly raiding Emil's closet for years, and he... well, he's been pretending he is ok with it. At first, it was a few t-shirts here and there, I'd borrow them to wear around the house and to sleep in, but with time, I started making full use of his sartorial splendor by borrowing everything from shirts ( this used to be his favorite plaid shirt, and now it's my favorite plaid shirt ), sweaters, jackets ( asked to wear this cute varsity number once, and now it proudly hangs on my side of the closet ), and even jeans. Actually, especially jeans, because some of my favorite boyfriend jeans used to be his... he he

Now, this brings me to today's outfit and the latest gem I borrowed stole from him. I've had my eye on these Dior Homme sunnies ever since he got them a few months ago. Unfortunately, given my track record, his been keeping pretty close tabs on them. That is until a few weeks ago, when I casually asked to borrow them for a shoot and he totally fell for that:) Ever since then, they mysteriously complete every outfit unlike any other pair of sunglasses I currently own, so I keep "borrowing" them:) Now, I wouldn't call them my Dior sunnies just yet, but I'm pretty confident we'll get there soon enough! :)

L'ACADEMIE x REVOLVE Safari blouse | ANINE BING Lace up skirt | URBAN OUTFITTERS Basic bandana | CHANEL Boy bag { similar here } | ISABEL MARANT Jaeryn sandals { similar here } | DIOR HOMME Deconstructed Pantos shaped sunglasses 

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