With 2 adventure-packed days in Venice behind us, Ninel and I were enjoying breakfast on a beautiful, sunlit terrace of our Venice hotel, discussing where our Italian adventures should take us next. After toying around with a few different options, an idea of a day trip to Burano came to mind. So, we jumped in a water taxi, and after a short forty-minute ride we were standing on a pier of the colorful island of Burano, or as we later dabbed it, one of the most charming places we've ever visited!

In stark contrast to busy Venice, Burano appeared quiet and undisturbed with only Calle Galuppi, which is where you'll find the majority of the town's restaurants and stores, booming with people looking to indulge in some dining and shopping.

We spent the better part of the day simply walking around, marveling at the charming pastel-colored buildings, quiet canals and cute brightly-hued boats that seemed to match the town's color palette perfectly. Later in the day, we stopped for a bite to eat at Riva Rosa ( located on Via San Mauro, 296, Burano ) for some delicious home-made pasta and sea-food. Since Burano is so famous for it's sea-food dishes, I highly recommend trying a risotto de go, and if you happen to be a gelato lover like myself, pistachio flavor was one of my particular favorites!

We also couldn't resist a little shopping. Ninel and I stumbled across a store that had the most beautiful hand-made lace-trimmed linens, so we ended up snagging a few goodies for our family and  friends.

As evening approached, and we were waiting for our water taxi to take us back to Venice, we seriously entertained the idea of postponing our departure so we could stay in beautiful Burano for one more day. But unfortunately, we couldn't make it work. Yet as I am planning our next trip to Italy, I am definitely planning to stay in Burano a little longer! And honestly, I cannot wait to be back!

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