Dare to dream has been my motto from the very beginning... Those of you who've been following me since I started VivaLuxury almost 6 years ago, may already know that aside from creating a community for people who love fashion as much as I do, one of my greatest desires was to design jewelry. Today, one of my biggest dreams becomes a reality, and it is with great pleasure that I unveil my debut jewelry collection

I've been very fortunate to grow up with two amazing women in my family, my grandmother and my mother. Strong, independent, and above all incredibly intelligent, both of them served as a source of inspiration in every aspect of my life, and when time came to design my very first jewelry collection, I couldn't think of two people who could inspire me more.

One of my earliest childhood memories involved watching my mom and my grandmother getting ready for an evening out. Doing their hair and make up, donning their fancy evening gowns, and adding finishing touches like beautiful vintage pearl earrings and bracelets. I was very small at the time, but even at that age, I remember that I was struck with the fact that it was jewelry in particular that pulled the looks together and made the outfits complete. 

When I began designing this collection, it was this childhood memory that inspired me most and the image of beautiful vintage pearls paired with delicate chiffon gowns definitely became a starting point for me. Yet, I also wanted to reimagine and update the pearl to make it look fresh and modern, so I set out to create a collection that was both delicate and strong, feminine but with an edgy twist. 

Something else that was incredibly important to me was versatility. I talk about versatility a lot on this site, perhaps even a little too much sometimes, yet I honestly believe that it is this particular quality that makes pieces much more special. Aside from creating a jewelry collection that could easily translate from day to night, I wanted individual pieces to be versatile as well. So, I strived to design earrings, rings, necklace, and ear cuffs that could be worn on their own or layered for a maximum impact as well as worn in multiple ways. Take the ear jacket for example, which you could wear as a single pearl stud or as an ear jacket, or the dangle earrings which once again could be worn as a drop earring or as a triangle stud for daytime. 

Last but certainly not least is quality. It was really important to me to design collection that would have a lasting value, something that you could wear for a long period of time, not just for a season. So, when time came to choose materials, I wanted to provide the best possible value which is why this collection is made from finest materials like sterling silver, pearls and diamonds. In addition to materials, VivaLuxury Jewelry collection is manufactured by Iconery and each piece is made to order through Iconery's state of the art 3D printing process to ensure the best possible quality. 

I am not sure words could describe what an exhilarating experience it has been to work on this collection. From the moment I drew a rough sketch of a pair of dangle earrings, to seeing a set of samples for the very first time, it's been like a dream... and all I could say is - Thank you for sharing this dream with me! 

Love always,

SHOP VIVALUXURY Three pearl ear cuff, Pearl & triangle ear jacket, Drop earrings, Diamond & pearl spiral ring & Diamond & pearl cone necklace 

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