Perfect Parka

I think I've always had a bit of a weak spot for a great parka! I mean, can you imagine a more perfect topper? Cozy, comfortable and in many ways, an epitome of effortlessly casual style, well... that is until this season, because one of the biggest trends this year, is pairing this seemingly casual piece with dressier options like evening wear! 

Personally, I couldn't be more excited! Aside from the fact that I love a fresh take on a classic, pairing casual and dressy pieces is a great styling trick to keep your evening/holiday style exciting and effortless. My only suggestion, be mindful of your color palette, so that the parka feels like a natural part of your outfit and not like a jacket you simply threw on accidentally. 

Take the beautiful shearling parka from Maximilian Furs I found at Bloomingdale’s the other day. I was at Bloomies shopping for a few holiday gifts but as usual, simply couldn't resist the urge to pick up something for myself! I know, I have absolutely zero self-control! What attracted me to this particular one in the first place, was the color, the gorgeous fur trim, and of course the fact that it's reversible! You know me, versatility is what I live for! I am also a really big fan of Maximilian Furs because as you already know, quality is something that is very important to me, and their pieces are always absolutely pristine. I also love that it's very warm but light, I am not a huge fan of heavy jackets, and this one feels like you're wearing nothing at all! 

For today's look, I paired it with an oversized cream sweater and metallic leather skirt. I love the way these colors pair together, not to mention the fact that gold adds that touch of sparkle for a perfect Holiday vibe. To complete this look, I added a few black accessories, because as a rule, whenever I pair lighter colors together, I almost always add something black to ground the look and give it a bit more weight. 

MAXIMILIAN FURS Saga reversible shearling parka | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM sweater | ANINE BING skirt | LOUIS VUITTON bag | VALENTINO boots

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