Fall color palette is usually all about darker, richer hues like burgundy, chocolate brown, navy and of course the classic black. But what is so different this season, is that we are seeing quite a bit of brighter colors, like mustard yellow for example, but also a few softer shades like pink. Personally, I couldn't be happier because aside from the fact that this lovely shade of grayish-pink happens to be a particular favorite of mine, I must admit, I love it when I can inject a bit of color into my fall/winter wardrobe. 

Another reason pink is a favorite at the moment, is because it is incredibly easy to wear. You may remember I recently wore a beautiful soft-pink trench coat, which pairs so well with anything cream, black or gray, but another way you can introduce pink into your wardrobe is via accessories. 

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce 2 of my latest obsessions thanks to Coltorti BoutiqueLANVIN Smal box Jiji bag & VALENTINO Ballet Forever Velvet ankle-wrap sandals. When Coltorti first reached out suggesting we partner on a post showcasing a few of my favorite fall trends, I must admit, I was immediately struck by their immaculately curated collection of hard to find, must-have pieces and also the variety of this season's most coveted brands. So naturally, choosing which trends and pieces to showcase, was not an easy decision indeed, but in the end, I kept coming back to this beautiful pink duo!

LANVIN Smal box Jiji bag - I've always had a soft spot for structured mini bags, but what makes this particular one so special, is the studded guitar-strap handle which just happens to be a major trend this season. Another reason is versatility of course, the detachable strap makes it a perfect bag to wear cross-body during the day or hand-held at night! And of course you know how much I appreciate it when I can wear pieces in multiple ways! 

VALENTINO Ballet Forever Velvet ankle-wrap sandals - Velvet is a major trend this season, and pink velvet happens to be a particular weakness of mine! Love these heels because you can wear them during the day, paired with some raw-hem denim and a slouchy topper, or for night, with a slinky slip dress or pleated midi skirt! Basically, the possibilities are infinite, and you know how I feel about that!:) 

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LANVIN Smal box Jiji bag & VALENTINO Ballet Forever Velvet ankle-wrap sandals 

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