The New VivaLuxury

After months and months of planning and designing, I am so pleased to finally be able to share the new VivaLuxury site with you! Those of you who had a blogger site like me, will probably understand what a process it is to migrate from blogger to Wordpress, especially considering that I've had my blogger site for 6 years! Why did I stay on blogger for so long? Well, the simple truth is that I wanted to migrate for a very long time, but felt quite uneasy about potentially losing content, your wonderful comments, and my connection with you guys. But I am happy to say, the transition was smooth and easy ( we even managed to find a way to keep our Google Friend Connect audience, so if you have questions, email me about that anytime )!

As far as the new site is concerned, we wanted to create a clean and simple layout, which would highlight the content rather than district from it. Another goal was easy navigation, the most recent content will be prominently displayed at the top of the page, yet you can easily search for older stories by using category tabs on the navigation bar ( AccessoriesBeautyLifestyle & Looks ).

Another update from the old site, rather than using text links for items featured in posts, we've switched to large product images, which you will see at the bottom of every post. But of course, you could always view more of my current favorites on the  Shop Page, where we've organized products by categories, such as WHAT'S NEWSHOP VIVALUXURY JEWELRY Collection & SHOP INSTAGRAM section. You will also see little numbers on the top right corner next to certain products, which means that this product is a particular favorite, and appeared in more than one look and if you click on the number, you'll be able to view all the outfits it was featured in! Of course, given my weakness for versatility, there will be quite a few of those!

Though the journey to get here was not an easy one ( yes there was panic, and sleepless nights, and nail biting involved ), I couldn't be happier that we decided to take this leap! One of my goals in life is to always look forward, and to embrace the change, and that's exactly what the New VivaLuxury site represents! A new chapter and a new adventure! Hope you enjoy the new site and share my future adventures with me!

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