As I was speaking at an Elle event recently, one of the topics that came up for discussion was the idea of modern holiday attire. If you think about it, in the past, there were quite a few rules in terms of what we wear, with what, and when, especially in regards to evening and holiday looks. We've religiously adhered to certain colors like black and red for example, and evening was synonymous with cocktail dresses or evening gowns. Today, however, it's much more anything goes, which I find quite exciting and liberating because we finally have the freedom to take chances, try new combinations, and express our personal style through fashion! With that in mind, this year I am determined to have as much fun with my holiday style as I can, and wear things I wouldn't normally think of as appropriate party attire, like the metallic trench coat I am sporting in today's post. 

Wearing trench coats as dresses became a bit of a staple for me this year. Aside from the fact that trench coats are incredibly flattering because they enhance an hour-glass shape, there is also something really sexy and edgy about them. Finally, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but trench coats, unlike cocktail dresses, can be worn again and again, and I don't know about you guys, but if I can get away with not buying yet another dress that I am only going to wear once or twice, I am a happy camper indeed! For today's look, I chose to combine my trench with simple black pumps, bold red lips and a few layered jewels from PANDORA Jewelry's new Holiday Collection

As you probably already know, layering jewelry is a bit of a weakness for me, and of course my holiday style is not an exception. Since I am still very much into wearing mismatched earrings, I opted to go with sterling silver, stone-embellished half-hoop earrings and sparkly studs, I also added a few statement cuffs & bracelets, and layered rings in various shapes and textures. As a general rule, when I go for such a bold look with my jewelry, I prefer to keep my outfit fairly simple. For this particular look, bold jewelry was the perfect finishing touch to enhance the clean lines of the trench coat and to give this outfit that perfect holiday flare. What about you guys, what's your holiday style like this year? 
Special thank you to PANDORA Jewelry for partnering with me on this post. 

P.S. Since it is the Holiday season, and we are all looking for that perfect present, I think PANDORA jewelry is a wonderfully stylish gift for any style maven, so click here to check out their Holiday Gift Guide & Seasonal Favorites! 

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