Holiday Rad

Every holiday season I talk about formal holiday looks which most of the time include evening dresses, sparkly clutches, and high-heeled pumps. However, this season I realized that I have completely neglected casual holiday dressing; after all, not all holiday gatherings require evening attire. I love the holidays and like to keep up the holiday spirit even with everyday looks! So I thought I’d share one of the looks with you guys.

The easiest way to style a casual holiday look is to wear what you’d normally wear but add a little extra something to make the look more festive and holiday-spirited. It could be anything from a statement necklace to an embellished handbag.

The other day, as I was browsing the New Arrivals section on Intermix, I kept coming across pieces in a signature color for the Holidays - red, and I don't really know what it is, but something about this particular color makes everything look perfectly Holiday appropriate and just a little bit more special! In this post, my extra something is this Rag & Bone striped pea coat. What attracted me to this coat the most, was the vibrant red color which just screams Holidays to me! So I like to introduce this beautiful red into my holiday looks whenever I get the chance. The coat itself is casual yet very structured, so it pulls the whole look together and definitely acts as a statement piece.  To keep the attention on the coat, underneath it I went for a white Alexis blouse with long sleeves, which happen to be very trendy this year. I especially love how the sleeves work with the coat and peek out just slightly to add a bit of special detailing to the look.

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