In The Navy

I could not be happier the temperatures in LA have dropped and coat season is finally upon us. I had quite a few coats lined up that I could not wait to wear, and the one from today's post is definitely a favorite of mine. 

Besides the fact that I love navy pea coats in general, what I love the most about this one is that it is still an every-day coat but with interesting details like the knit-sleeves and large pockets. It's so comfortable and cozy, it makes for a perfect coat to wear on daily basis.  

I paired the coat with simple black jeans and a white blouse, but decided to have some fun with my shoes. As of late, I have been wearing flats a lot more than usual (running around doing your holiday shopping will do that to you!) and I love these ones because of the pearls. Again, I love simple accessories but with special detailing so these were definitely winners for me. 

To complete the look and bring a pop of color, I went for a bright red structured bag. I love the combination of red and navy so I really think it tied the look together really well. It also happened to match my nails! It's the little things in life :) 

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