Baby Blues

Do you know that saying, be careful what you wish for... Well, I've really done it this year! Normally, while the rest of the world switches to warmer gear this time of the year, California remains very much Summer-like and warrants nothing resembling coats, sweaters, or boots. And so usually, I make a big fuss about it, complaining endlessly about not being able to wear my fluffy sweaters and coats. Well, not this year! This year, when I asked for coat weather, I actually got it! And so, be careful what you wish for, because somehow, the reality never lives up to the picturesque hot cocoa-sipping, oversized-scarf wearing, sunny winter perfection you imagine! Am I glad I finally get to wear my coats? Sure! But the rainy, windy, cloudy, cold part, not so much! Not so much at all!

And so, the only remedy I found that seems to be taking the edge off at the moment is going back to wearing color! I mean, since everything looks dull and gray outside, you may as well brighten up your day with some pretty pastels, no? So, enter the Helmut Lang baby blue perfection I found recently! Perfectly slouchy and cozy, I love this coat because it feels like you're wearing a cozy blanket, and while it's not overly thick, it certainly keeps me warm! For today's look, I decided to go with a bit of a monochromatic theme, matching my coat to yet another obsession du jour - Chloe Faye bag in the prettiest shade of blue imaginable! Though I've always been a fan of Chloe bags, this particular shape is really working for me at the moment. First, it pairs beautifully with just about everything, yet it's perfectly spacious, so that I can continue caring around all the things I probably shouldn't have in my bag all the time, yet I can't seem to live without!

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