Cold Shoulder

Starting the new year with one of my favorite dresses at the moment! Though as you may already know, I am rather fond of dresses in general, the one I'm wearing in today's post is just on another level for me! Something about the combination of light-as-air chiffon, feminine silhouette and open-shoulder just comes together to create one twirl-worthy perfection of a dress! Oh, and of course twirl I did, since it is rather impossible not to when you're wearing it! 

Another reason I'm so keen on it at the moment is because it moves! Every step I take makes the dress come to life and when I walk, it sort of floats around in the most graceful of ways, and since I've always been partial to pieces with good movement, I am definitely very appreciative of this fact! 

For today's look, I chose to pair it with metallic Sophia Webster heels ( another favorite at the moment ) and a simple black clutch, but I also appreciate the way it looks with flats when I go for a slightly more casual feel. Basically, there is literally no wrong way of wearing this dress ( recently I paired it with a trench and a pair of ankle boots, and it looked just as relevant ) and of course I don't need to tell you just how much I love that!

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