Wedding Registry Must Haves

2017 happens to be a very special year for Emil and me. This year we are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary! It’s very exciting and serves as yet another reminder that time just flies by so quickly.

In order to mark this special occasion, we decided to have a recommitment ceremony. We thought it would be great to bring all the family together to celebrate our very special occasion. To make things easier on everyone, including myself, I decided to create a registry. To be completely honest, our kitchen was missing quite a few things and, believe it or not, there were still things we needed in our home that we have not had a chance to get! 10 years seems like a very long time, but those years really just flew by. So, creating a registry to fill those gaps made total sense.

I looked around and decided to create my registry at Macy’s. They had pretty much everything I wanted and creating the registry was very easy. Registering at a department store like Macy’s is great because they have a huge selection of brands, from classic to modern, and a very generous return policy just in case a piece or two do not quite work out in the end.

In this post I thought I’d share some of the items I picked out. Although I’m not an avid baker, every once in a while I get inspired to bake something yummy as Emil has the sweetest tooth. As a result, I had to have this adorable KitchenAid in the prettiest mint color. Just looking at it makes me want to bake some cookies! To keep up with the mint theme I decided to add some mint green bowls and plates to the mix. The textured surface really got my attention on those.

I also could not pass up the cutest Kate Spade polka dot champagne glasses. I like that the polka dots are very subtle adding just enough detail and fun. The Kate Spade polka dot picture frames are going to be perfect for photos from our recommitment ceremony so I had to have those.

Since we already had stemmed wine glasses, I went for these stemless Mikasa glasses; they are more on the casual side with a lot less chance of being tipped over! I highly recommend getting those. To bring a little flare and fancy to our bar cart, I also put on my registry Waterford’s crystal decanter and a few brandy glasses.

I strongly urge anyone to create a registry. It may seem like a daunting task in the beginning, but as you get down to it, it becomes quite fun! And the best part is at the end of it all you end up with things you actually need and the aesthetic you were looking for.

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