Caped Crusader

So, New York was cold! And though I am sure that you probably already heard about the bad weather from literally everyone who was in NY for Fashion Week, I feel the need to vent a little and so… New York was cold. Oh, and it was not the kind of cold when you can layer your favorite cozy separates and keep warm by sipping on a hot cocoa while admiring the scenery, no, this was the kind of cold when a 20 second trip from our car to the door of whatever event we were heading to next, seemed like eternity!

But, despite the cold, the wind tunnels, the rain and the traffic, I wouldn’t trade a second of it for the world. Fashion Week is my favorite kinda crazy and I am always excited to be a part of it. Also, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share one of my favorite looks that I wore this time around. Comprised entirely of all my current obsessions, I am downright in love with the Jimmy Choo boots I'm wearing in today's post. Aside from the fact that I am always partial to details, and the polished gold buttons add just the perfect touch of sophistication to this style, lately, I've been looking for a pair of boots that I can wear with both skinny jeans and cropped flares, and these ones pair beautifully with both! Love that! Also, as the weather gets warmer, they will go perfectly with flowy little dresses and skirts, and obviously you know very well how much I appreciate versatile footwear, so naturally this was love at first sight!

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