NYFW Hair Talks with John Frieda

If I had to use a single word to describe NYFW in February, unpredictable would definitely be it! We arrived to New York on Wednesday, catching the last non-cancelled flight from LA! Lucky, sure! But considering that all the flights were cancelled due to the fact that a pretty bad snowstorm was heading to New York, lucky wasn't exactly the word I would use to described how we felt! I'd say moderately concerned would be a much better choice! And as it turned out we were very right to worry! The evening we arrived, the weather was beautiful! In fact, it was so nice and warm outside, we even ventured out for a little walk, but all that changed very quickly, and next morning, we woke up to a freezing, snowy New York winter!

But that wasn't the end! For the entire duration of our stay, the weather continued to change! It snowed one day and rained the next! It was nice and warm for a moment and then it was cold, windy and freezing! Like I said, unpredictable is really the only way to describe it!

Luckily this was not our first February Fashion Week, and I always keep in mind just how temperamental the weather can get, so I plan outfits accordingly and bring extra layering options just in case New York decides to throw a snowstorm at us again! (Seriously, I am not kidding, this is like the 3rd year in a row, when the weather becomes absolutely insane during Fashion Week). Unfortunately, the one thing that I always found difficult to plan for was my hair! I have very temperamental, fine hair that doesn't react shall we say well to drastic weather!

Case in point would be the morning we attended the Jill Stuart presentation (which was gorgeous by the way, including a few images of my favorite looks )! The morning was nice, but later in the afternoon, it started to rain, and when the rain stopped, gushing, cold wind came out of nowhere! Normally, my hair would have been a wreck, but lucky for me, this time around, my John Frieda Hair Care fam sent me some amazing hair goodies to keep my hair looking presentable despite the snow, wind and rain!

If you read my blog on the regular, you may remember that this is my 2nd time partnering with John Frieda Hair Care, and what I find particularly exciting about our current collaboration, is the fact that I get to take part in John Frieda Hair Care's Hair Talks campaign which pays homage to the fact that hair styles reflect our personalities - a statement I can definitely relate to! I often talk about the fact that I have a split personality when it comes to style! On one hand, I do lean towards very sophisticated, feminine pieces which I like to pair with soft, wavy hair to enhance the romantic vibe of the looks. But on the other, I am equally partial to tough girl pieces like studded leather jackets, distressed denim and cool accessories, which I often wear with very straight hair for a slightly edgier look and feel. Though these aspects of my sartorial personality are complete opposites, they exist completely harmoniously alongside each other and I love the fact that John Frieda's products enable me to express them both with equal ease.

So, without further ado, here are some of my old and new John Frieda Hair Care favorites:
The first on the list is definitely the Frizz Ease Serum, which I've been using for years. I have very fine hair and frizz is one of the things I struggle with constantly especially when I wear my hair straight, and though I've tried many different products, nothing works quite as well as Frizz Ease for me! It doesn't feel heavy or sticky, and eliminates those pesky little baby hair like nothing else!

A new discovery and an instant favorite - Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse! As I said, I have fine hair and it tends to fall a bit flat unless I get a bit of extra help with the volume! What I like about Perfectly Full Mouse is that it doesn't feel crunchy, or sticky, or heavy! Basically, my hair looks fuller but doesn’t feel like I have a ton of product in it! And that's something I definitely appreciate very much!

Another current obsession is the Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray! Seriously, a life saver because fine hair and wind don't necessarily mix very well, so if it wasn't for this little miracle worker, my hair would have looked like a bird’s nest, but a light coat of this spray kept it all together all day! And it doesn't feel crunchy! Love that!

Last but certainly not least was the Frizz Ease Air Dry Waves! Sometimes, I prefer to have a fuss free day and give my hair a bit of a break from all the styling tools and Air Dry Waves gives me an option to add a bit of texture to my hair and create soft, touchable waves that don't feel crunchy or sticky. This by the way ended up being my go to option on the days it rained in New York, because my hair certainly doesn't hold any style well when there is a lot of moisture in the air!

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