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Hey Everyone! So, doing something a bit different this time around! Recently, ShopStyle reached out to do a little Q&A about NYFW & my packing essentials, so I decided share some of the highlights in addition to a few more favorite packing tips & tricks! Hope you enjoy!

o you still get excited for Fashion Week?
I do! Even though I've gone to NYFW twice a year for almost 5 years now, I still get excited every time the season comes around. I love planning my looks and attending the shows to see what’s in store for us for an upcoming season. Plus, New York is so different from LA, I love experiencing that change and a faster pace of the city.
What shows are you looking forward to?

Ah, there are so many Rodarte and Alexander Wang to name a few, but I love Jonathan Simkhai's aesthetic at the moment and I am really looking forward to seeing the new collection!

What beauty tips do you have to survive fashion week?
I’m a beauty junkie! I’m always trying new face masks so I definitely pack a couple of new ones to try out as well as old favorites. For February Fashion Week moisture is what I need the most. The freezing temperatures outside make me turn up the heat in my hotel room making it very dry. So hydrating face masks, body moisturizers, lip balms, they all get to go with me! And the more, the merrier.

A few favorites include Korres jasmine lip butter, which is honestly the best solution for dry lips I have ever tried. I don't have a lot of time to take care of my skin during the day, so I use the Aerin Beauty 'Rose' overnight mask to wake up to soft, dewy skin. Finally, my favorite product of all time is Aerin Beauty 'Rose de Grasse' body cream. Aside from the fact that it smells heavenly, it also makes my skin super soft. I apply it morning and at night."
Another beauty tip that I have is to drink less coffee. I know, I know, coffee is the daily fuel but it can be so dehydrating so if I could skip my cup of coffee and opt for a green juice instead to reenergize, I’m definitely thanking myself later!

How do you pack for February fashion week?
I try to pack very strategically because I never want to end up with 5 suitcases but somehow I always do anyway! One word - coats! They take up a lot of room! But the one thing that is very important to me is order, I tend to pack clothing, beauty and accessories separately! This way, once I get to New York, I know exactly where everything is and that saves a lot of time!

What is one thing that you will take on a plane with you?
My blanket! I have a special blanket that I always take on a plane with me. It’s cozy and soft and makes sleeping on the plane so much easier.

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