Off-duty Denim

The weather in LA has been so unpredictable as of late! One day it seems that the Spring is here, and the next, it's rainy and gloomy. But, I did came back from New York recently where we  got to experience a blizzard, rain, and the coldest, strongest wind I've ever  come across, so I suppose can’t complain much.

On one of the recent warmer days in LA, I got to wear some new goodies that I got for spring. And if you read my blog on regular basis, you know how much I love to take an outfit for a spin earlier than anticipated.

In today’s post I’m wearing a Bella Dahl off shoulder top and jeans. However, they are not just your regular pair of jeans! They’re made with TENCEL® — a fiber that once added to the denim, creates a softer, more breathable, and better fitting pair of jeans. This fiber is derived from nature — it’s made from cellulose found in wood pulp. I mean, what kind of magic is that? So, naturally, I knew I had to try a pair for myself.

I have particularly grown to love the pair I'm sporting in today's post. The more I wear them, the more I can feel the difference — they are so soft and breathable yet they retain their shape throughout the day, a quality I really appreciate! Ever since I got these, I’ve been looking into denim containing TENCEL® and stocking up on a few denim favorites like cute off the shoulder tops, easy-breezy dresses and cut-offs. Another unexpected plus side is that nearly 100% of the solvent used while making these jeans is recycled for future use making the process super eco-friendly!

After all, jeans are just such a universal piece of clothing in our closets. Depending on how I style the rest of my look, I can wear jeans pretty much anywhere. And I absolutely love that versatility aspect. Not to mention the comfort of wearing a pair of jeans, I don’t know about you guys but they are my go-to on daily basis.
Special thank you to Lenzing and ShopStyle for partnering with me on this post.

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