Valentine's Day Traditions

My girlfriends and I have a tradition where every year, we get together for brunch for Valentine’s Day and gift each other a little something special. After all, Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating love, and my friends are just so important to me. Coming across people that you share such a special connection with is truly priceless and I am very fortunate to have great friends in my life who I share this connection with and our friendship is extremely valuable to me.

I've always believed that a perfect present is something special, meaningful and also something of lasting value. Naturally, Valentine's Day gifts to my girls are no exception. This year, I began my search early on but came up empty until one morning, as I was putting on my jewelry on, it occurred to me that the perfect gift was starring me right in the face!

Once I set my mind on gifting jewelry, finding the perfect pieces to gift was rather easy. I've always loved David Yurman jewelry because of how modern, sophisticated yet versatile it is. And yes, just like with everything else, when it comes to jewelry, versatility is very important to me as well. Personally, I absolutely love the fact that I can wear David Yurman pieces for day and night, and create different looks by layering and combining different shapes, textures and sizes.

Choosing which piece of jewelry to gift to my girls for Valentine's Day was not an easy task indeed, because there are so many beautiful DY collections to choose from. But in the end, I decided on the gorgeous 'Te Amo" Bracelet from David Yurman's Whispers collection because I've always admired how striking the combination of sterling silver and gold looks and Sculpted Heart Chain Bracelet from David Yurman's Le Petit Coeur collection because I absolutely love how delicate and feminine it is! In fact, I love these pieces so much, I've added them to my DY jewelry collection as well. After all, I see absolutely no reason I couldn't treat myself on Valentine's Day as well!

P.S. If you're looking for more inspiration for Valentine's Day gifts, check out a few of my favorites here & here!

Special thank you to David Yurman and ShopStyle for partnering with me on this post.

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