Casual in Paris

Happy weekend everyone! I just wanted to say a quick hello and share one of the more casual looks I wore during Paris Fashion Week, which ended up being absolutely perfect for wondering around rainy Paris! Comprised entirely of all my current favorites, I really couldn't say which one of the pieces I am sporting in today's look I love the most, although, the comfy, cozy and extra warm padded jacket was a blessing since it was a bit colder that usual in Paris this time around.

Speaking of wondering around Paris, not that we usually sleep well when we are there ( that jet leg gets us every time ), but for some reason, we had an especially hard time falling and staying asleep this time around. So, rather that staying in bed, trying to fall asleep, we got up extra early in the morning and used the time to explore Paris, and I must say, it was really quite magical!  Usually Paris is buzzing with life, cars and people everywhere, but early in the morning, it felt very peaceful and quiet, and we had all these places we wanted to explore, like MuseĆ© de Lourve for example, all to ourselves. In fact, we liked our new routine so much, that that's what we are planning to do from now on, especially if we want to explore some of the bigger tourist attractions.

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