PFW :: Chloé

I've been back in LA for a little less than a week now, yet it still feels like I was strolling down Champs-Elysees just yesterday… Though I knew I would miss Paris dearly, I always do, I guess I didn't realize just how much and how quickly! I think, I would give pretty much anything right now to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a croissant at my favorite Cafe de Flore right about now! And yes, I've become quite the croissant addict and a croissant snob, because I've been looking for a place in LA that makes good croissants, but haven't been able to find one so far. So, if you guys have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them.

But while we are on a subject of favorite things, this entire Chloé look is a favorite from head-to-toe! You know, I have a wild obsession with accessories in general, but I am completely and totally in love with these Chloé sunnies and bag at the moment. Aside from the fact that they pair beautifully with just about everything, I love the way they elevate even the simplest of looks to a whole new level and add that dramatic element I always look for in accessories. And of course you know me, I like a bit of drama when it comes to outfits.

Another obsession du jour is the high-wisted fringed flares from Chloé I'm sporting in today's post.  Aside from the fact that they make you look like you’re 6 feet tall and have mile-long legs, I love the way they pair with different top options. From tucked-in button downs and off the shoulder blouses, to cropped tops and bomber jackets, basically you can wear them anywhere and with pretty much everything! Of course you know how much I love versatility, so naturally, I’m obsessed!

What about you guys, what are some of your obsessions at the moment?

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