Though I am always happy to be in Paris, I must admit that initially, I felt a bit worried when I realized that it was going to rain for the entire duration of our stay. Yet, I've soon come to realize that rainy Paris is not without it's charm because it creates a perfect opportunity to indulge in some of our favorite guilty pleasures, like enjoying a cup of coffee and a croissant at the corner cafe, visiting our favorite museums and doing a bit of shopping, of course!

Speaking of guilty pleasures, I've always believed there is something very romantic about trench coats, and so, when I came across this emerald perfection of a trench from Acne Studios, I knew right away that it was just the perfect thing to wear in one of the most romanic cities in the world! Aside from the fact that I have a weakness for trench coats in general, what attracted me to this particular one is the slightly looser fit, and the color, of course. Beautiful emerald green, vivid yet slightly understated somehow, it is precisely the kind of green that works equally well with the bold black and white color palette, and a slightly more muted pairing of crews, caramels and browns. 

For today‚Äôs look I chose to go bolder, so I paired it with cropped flared jeans, cut-out fisher stockings and a studded suede bucket bag from Alexander Wang. Mini bags are huge for spring, and I've been looking for a perfect one to add to my bag collection for some time now. Yet, as soon as I came across this studded cutie, I knew I found the one. Bold and edgy, I love pretty much everything about it, from studs, to size and shape, and of course the way it adds just a touch of cool to every outfit imaginable! Basically, it's the bag I'll be wearing with everything come spring time, so I hope you don't mind seeing it again and again. 

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