Eyelet & Pearls

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share some photos with you from last weekend. Emil and I decided to go on a day date— have some brunch, wander around, watch a movie, etc. We didn’t have concrete plans in mind, but I knew the day called for a casual outfit. However, as you may already know, I always like to add a bit of a twist to my casual looks.

In today’s post, I’m wearing my latest find and current obsession -  Chanel sneakers I got while I was in Paris for Fashion Week. Comfy and casual, the pearl detailing and black and white tweed add just a bit of texture and dram to make them a real statement shoe. For today's look, I paired them with Forte Couture denim that also happens to have pearls on them. I have been obsessed with  pearls on jeans for a while but haven’t been able to find the perfect fit until these ones.

The rest of the look I tried to keep on a simpler side. I went with a white Nicholas top with eyelets detail all over and flared cuffs. I thought it went perfectly with the rest of the look without being too overpowering. I finished off with my latest obsession that is the Louis Vuitton bag that I believe goes with just about any outfit.

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