Magic Multitasker - La Mer Renewal Oil

Good morning and happy almost weekend everyone! I wanted to say a quick hello and share the newest addition to my current beauty ritual - the La Mer Renewal Oil. I've been using it for a little over 3 weeks now, and I have to say that as far as favorite beauty products of all time go, this one, definitely takes the top spot on the list.

If you read my blog on the regular, you probably already know that versatility is something I talk about the most. Well, one of the biggest reasons, aside from the results of course, is the fact that LA MER Renewal Oil can be used in a multiple of ways and it works equally well for face, body and hair.
Though I have combination skin, I often struggle with dry spots on my face, especially Summer time since I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and in the sun. Chapped lips, dry cheeks, and dry under eye area happen to be my biggest concerns. But the good news is that the Renewal Oil takes care of all of that. Every evening, I apply about 2-3 drops (if you're going to use the Renewal oil don't forget to gently shake the bottle to activate the formula) to all my problem areas and every morning I wake up with my skin looking and feeling renewed, refreshed and moisturized! Love seeing that transformation!

Another way I am currently using the Renewal Oil is on my hands. I have fairly long nails, despite the fact that I've been getting weekly gel manicures for the past 2 years, and my secret to keeping my nails from breaking is moisturizing. Every night, before bed I apply a few drops of the Renewal Oil directly on my cuticles and gently massage it in for about a minute or two. If my hands happen to be particularly dry, I follow with La Mer Hand Treatment, a silky cream designed to soothe and protect the skin. My mom taught me the importance of following a moisturizing hand ritual before bed time and I can tell you first hand, it does make a world of difference! I have not always been as good about it as I am now, and it always took a toll on the way my nails and hands look. So, as with everything else, moisture is key!

I also apply a thin layer of the Renewal Oil to my elbows and knees before bed time ( in general they tend to get drier than the rest of my body ) followed by La Mer Body Crème and I always wake up to the softest skin imaginable. Love that!

Last but certainly not least is my hair. I recently got my balayage done and my bleached ends tend to get dry, especially since we get so much sun in LA. To protect my hair from drying out, I apply a few drops of the Renewal Oil just on the very ends once my hair is styled. Love the fact that it absorbs quickly and doesn't weigh my hair down, while it makes my hair look and feel very soft and healthy!

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