Weekend in Vegas

Happy Weekend Everyone! I wanted to say a quick hello and share a few photos from our weekend getaway to Las Vegas. Emil and I love going there because for us, it is always about pure relaxation, and indulging in all our favorite things like shopping, wining and dining, and laying out by the pool. Well ok, so perhaps I enjoy the shopping bid a bit more, but my hubby is certainly on board with the dining out part!

Though we did entertain the idea of trying a different hotel this time around, in the end, we ended up staying at our favorite place - Wynn Las Vegas, the rooms are gorgeous and we just can't get over that pool area! Since it's been while since our last visit, we honestly forgot just how relaxing a trip to Vegas can be! No, seriously! We ended up spending most of our time lounging around by the pool, exploring the strip while doing a bit of shopping, eating insane amounts of gelato ( honestly it's just that good ), and even got to catch a few shows! Basically, we had such a great time, we're planning another visit very, very soon!

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