Afternoon Tea at Hotel Bel-Air

Hi Everyone, happy weekend! It’s been our family tradition for some time now to get together for Afternoon Tea. We try to do it at least every couple of months; we are all such foodies, so naturally, we love to have family time over delicious food and desserts. Though every once in a while we like to try new places, we certainly have our favorites and Afternoon Tea at Hotel Bel-Air, is definitely one of those.

First time we went, was probably about 6 years ago. We’ve been to Hotel Bel-Air before and stayed there a few times, but we’ve never had the chance to experience their Afternoon Tea and so one day, after hearing so many wonderful things from family and friends, we went there for my birthday and from that point on it became our favorite spot ever! We absolutely love the garden-like setting outside, it's just so perfect on a warm LA day, and of course the food... The yummiest sandwiches and pastries I have ever had at an Afternoon Tea for sure (the fam agrees with me on that one too!).

Since Emil, Ninel and I have been traveling quite a bit lately, we haven't really been spending as much time with the family as we normally do. So, last Sunday, we decided to rekindle our Afternoon Tea tradition, and spent the day at Hotel Bel-Air, wining, dining and exploring. Basically perfect day in every way!

What about you guys, what is your favorite way to spend time with the family?

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