Vintage Chanel Coat

After a few particularly busy weeks, we’re finalizing a couple of trips coming up this Summer, traveling a bit more than usual, and of course working on new content for VivaLuxury, Emil and I reached a tipping point and decided that we needed to take a break from work and spend few days doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, nothing work related that is!

We didn’t want to go anywhere far, yet we definitely needed to get out of LA for a while, so after considering a few of our all time favorites like Palm Springs and Laguna Beach, we decided that Santa Barbara was the perfect place to get away to for a couple of days. 

Personally, I love Santa Barbara. Aside from the fact that the city is absolutely gorgeous, I think what I love about it the most is the multitude of activities it offers like hiking, biking, dining, wine tasting and shopping of course! As always, we ended up visiting some of our old favorites like Mesa Verde for example, which is a great little vegetarian restaurant that has some of the most delicious vegetarian food and shakes I have ever tried, but also discovering new things to love like McConnell's Fine Ice Creams which was so good, we actually went back 3 times ( if you happen to be an ice cream lover like I am, I seriously recommend it, and Banana & Salted Caramel flavor was our particular favorite by far! )

On a separate note, I finally got to take out my vintage Chanel coat on a walk. I got it a few weeks ago and just haven't had a chance to wear it before now. As I have previously mentioned, I've been really into vintage pieces lately and this sunny yellow Chanel coat is definitely one of my favorite recent finds. Aside from color and texture, what I love about this coat is how good it pairs with casual pieces like jeans and sneakers for example, yet it just as easily transforms into a polished topper if you throw it over a dress! Love this chameleon quality and always look for pieces I can dress up and down! 

Kate Moss for Equipment Paola Scalloped Washed Silk Camisole | Citizens of Humanity Liya High Rise Classic Fit Jeans | Chanel Tweed Long Coat ( also love this one & this one ) | Cloverpost Tribute Necklace, Tear Slope Necklace & All Choker Necklace | Monica Vinader Riva Kite Rose Gold Vermeil Diamond Bracelet & Sterling Silver Diamond Bracelet