3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Wear a Beret this Season

Not much of a hat person, I never thought I'd be so on board with berets until I wore one, and now, I can honestly say that it is quickly becoming one of my favorite accessory trends this season. Why? Well, there are many reasons really, the no-bad-hair-days thing was certainly an unexpected perk during NYFW, which was one of the reasons why I wore one on daily basis. But also, berets feel fresh and new at the moment, they add that element of chic to pretty much every look imaginable and lastly, berets are a perfect way to add that trendy touch to any of your favorite go-to classic looks like jeans and blazers combo for example.

More reasons to love berets this season:

A beret elevates your look - as I mentioned above, I wore my beret quite a bit during NYFW and with a variety of outfits. No matter the outfit I was wearing though, the beret elevated the look, made it more fashionable, and brought a certain Parisian chic that I have been longing for more and more in anticipation of Paris Fashion Week.

A beret works with virtually any outfit - I have worn mine with just about everything from jeans and t-shirts, to evening dresses and everything in between. I am not sure I have ever had such a versatile accessory in my closet, and you guys know just how much I love versatility in pieces. Another reason why berets are so versatile is because you can wear it in many different ways. I normally wear my hair down and love the way a beret looks like that, but it’s just as fun with a side braid slanted on the side or paired with a low pony tail.

Wearing a beret is a way to inject color/texture into your looks - for example, I like to add a bit of color to my black and white outfits by opting for a colorful beret. A bright red beret, paired with back and white outfits is definitely one of my go-to looks at the moment. I also love pairing leather berets with some of my more girly pieces like flowy dresses for example, to make them just a tad more edgy and trendy.

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