Napa Travel Diary: Carneros Inn & Spa

Hi Everyone! Excited to share my final post from our road trip to Napa. I’m writing this post from my NYC hotel room, or as I like to call it, home away from home for the duration of New York fashion week, and thinking about the crazy busy week ahead of me, makes me want to go on yet another relaxing adventure once I'm back in California. So, definitely planning another trip to Napa really soon!

We shot this post at one of our favorite places in Napa - the Carneros Inn & Spa. Definitely one of our favorite places to stay whenever we're in town, we simply can't get enough of the charming rustic feel of the place, the beautiful grounds, relaxing atmosphere and great selection of wines, of course! Another reason we keep coming back again and again is the food scene. Our favorite thing to do there as soon as we get in is paying a visit to the Boon Fly Cafe! Their flat breads and donuts are to die for! Both Emil and I seriously recommend them!

Besides the delicious food, I’m obsessed with Carneros Inn’s grounds—the views are just so gorgeous, especially from the pool deck. Walking or biking (hotel offers bikes to its guests) around the property and taking in all of its beauty is one of my favorite things to do there.

Keeping up with what Napa is all about (i.e. wine), Emil and I grabbed a bottle from the market and enjoyed a glass or two while watching the sun set over the rolling heels. We truly appreciate moments of peace and quiet like this as we normally lead a pretty busy life. And speaking of busy, I have one of the busiest weeks ahead of me—NYFW. So excited to take it on and share the journey along with you guys. So, for now, I have to say goodbye to Napa and hello to NYC!