Napa Travel Diary: Sunset Picnic

Today, I wanted to share yet another post from Napa Valley. This last trip to Napa was probably one of our favorite trips up there of all time. We truly got to relax, taste delicious wine, eat some good food, and capture beautiful photos of it all along the way. I’m not going to lie, it's not always easy for me to unwind, but this time around, we really made an effort to take things slow, enjoy life's little moments, and take a breath before the craziness of Fashion Month.

This was our last day in Napa Valley, so we wanted to make sure to visit as many of our favorite places as we possibly could, as well as find new spots. It’s sort of our tradition when traveling, to take notes and jot down the names of places we want to come back to next time we’re in town. Having fresh, new destinations in mind that we want to visit/see/explore, always makes planning a trip just a bit more exciting for us.

You may have noticed that I've been on a bit of a Zimmermann kick as of late, and though I've always been big fan of this brand, this year in particular, Zimmermann became my go-to label for travel wardrobe ( last seen here, here & here ). It wasn't necessarily planned, I simply kept finding more and more amazing pieces to love.

More than anything else, I think the reason why I keep coming back to this brand again and again is the combination of style and comfort, and of course today's little lace playsuit is no exception. Love the cut and the detailing of course, but I really appreciated how comfortable it felt on, which made it just the perfect thing to wear for a day of walking around and exploring! Love that!